Friday, March 10, 2006

Perhaps it was me

Maybe it was me who crossed the road and went to McDonalds this morning to try their toast. I feel so uncomfortable in such places. I asked how many slices of toast I get? The lass looked at me as if I was an idoit and replied one. I was hungry, so I asked for two. Where do I sit? Ah, perhaps at the window looking out. Opened one packet to find a nice thick slice of toast, warm and looking nice, but nothing to put on it. Will I really embarass myself and ask does it come with butter or can I buy some? Nah, I don't feel comfortable here anyway. I'll just take it home and have it. I am thinking I could buy a nice fruit loaf for not much more.

Ok, I took it home and put my own butter on it and it was good. It was one of those days when I went out and left everything a mess and then came home to tidy up. As I was disposing of wrappers of toast, I discovered that in each packet was a plastic knife and a container of butter. Am I a dumbf*ck or what?

But I don't want to buy stuff from places where I feel like I am a dumbf*ck. The last time we patronised the Scottish restaurant, R made a scene when he ordered breakfast at 10.28 and it could not be supplied as breakfast goes off at 10.30.

I am pleased to see Hungry Jacks in Prahran is closed and boarded up. Well may they say closed for renovations, but we will see.

Today was a freaky sort of cheap take away food outlet day. Along with my own experience this morning, Daniel also wrote about Hungry Jacks and then tonight before we went to a movie, we pigged on KFC beforehand. I loved the deep fried saturated in fat chicken, but R did not enjoy it.

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