Thursday, March 09, 2006

Patiently waiting for her to blot her copybook

I am counting the days, no, not to the Empire Games, but to the day when I become extremely disappointed in another politician. This Federal Labor Opposition member, Julia Gillard, is quite impressive. But she, like the rest of them will end up disappointing me.

The list is long, topped most recently by ex NSW Premier Bob Carr.

Just so that I am not totally negative, there are a few who I do respect.

Greens leader Bob Brown and quite a few of his colleagues.

Senator Lynne Allyson, Federal Democrat Leader.

Ex Labor Party President Barry Jones.

Almost unknown until the recent abortion debate, Liberal Senator Judith Troeth. A damn hard behind the scenes worker who never sought limelight. I have known about her for years though. Her office was/is near St Kilda Town Hall.

While I consider most Liberal Party politians are just bad people, I have some admiration for Senator Amanda Vandstone. She has had a lot of dirty and nasty business to sort out, and not of her own making. I think she may even be a good person at heart. So rare among Liberal Party politicians and increasingly rare among Labor.

Lastly, across the big water, NZ Labour PM, Helen Clarke. But then we don't hear the day to day stuff about her.

When my father wiped up my baby brother's messy 'accident' with the front page of a newspaper with a picture of Holt or was it Bolte? Can't remember, but I told him he should not do that to Mr Holt/Bolte.

I have changed my opinion now.

When my mind turns to politics, I feel so very, very old, so very disillusioned, so very cynical.

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