Friday, March 03, 2006

New Rules at St Kilda Junction

While it was not designed for pedestrians to walk along the narrow raised concrete area and cross over into St Kilda Road, who could blame them when the alternative is to walk back, use the underpass and walk back along St Kilda Road. It would take four times as long at least to get to the west side of St Kilda Road and god knows how long to get to the eastern side.

St Kilda Junction is an abortion for pedestrians, hence few do what they are supposed to. With the Commonwealth Games starting soon, someone has decided that pedestrains at St Kilda Junction need to be controlled. Do they really think putting up a couple of signs is going to make a difference? I am fairly law abiding, but here is no way I would take any notice of these ridiculous signs.

Good luck to whoever is going to try and enforce this. You weren't the idiot who designed St Kilda Junction or put up the stupid signs. As usual, click the pic for a proper view.


  1. I reckon the first problem is that No Pedestrian Access is too vague as to where it's indicating. Does it mean you can't walk to the tram shelter?

    Alas, the current St K Junction was designed for cars, not people.

  2. You could interpret as no access to tram shelter. Few people walk past the shelter, but plenty walk the other way. It is all badly thought out nonsense. No one is taking any notice. I had another look and I reckon it could take up to three minutes to get to Cadbury Schweppes House by using the subway.