Friday, March 10, 2006

New Media

If you write a book or record some music, how do you 'get it out there'? One way in this new internet medium is to put your subject matter into a search engine and find people who are talking about what you have written or recorded.

I have had two nice emails in the last week or so. One was from a very attractive Indian lass who has cut a cd, along with the film clip. Yes, I have made mention of Indian music in the past.

The other was from an author of a book called Rice Queen. Yes, made mention of Rice Queen too.

It seems a fairly time consuming way of making one sale, not that they have yet to me, but I guess the thinking goes that I could also be someone important and influential. I could perhaps even talk up their product on my blog which could have hundreds of readers. I suppose it is worth their while.

The internet and where it is heading. Interesting.

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