Thursday, March 02, 2006

New blogger link

I have added Connex Whinger to blogs I alwasy read with some caution. It is true, I do always read his blog. I realise that some people have issues with him, I think centred on his past lack of understanding how, along with him, staff are also kept in the dark and there are many things out of their control.

I know a bit about behind the scenes stuff with public transport and there is considerable incompetence for sure, behind the scenes and on the frontline too. But no one wants things to go wrong. Down to the last person pretty well, all try hard. Systems and processes are where it all goes wrong.

As in my previous post, there are statistics. So far as train and tram service go, they don't reflect reality. In fact I will go so far as saying tram statistics are doctored intentionally by lower middle management, probably trains too.

Connex Whinger is documenting, hopefully accurately although also questioned, where reality does not match the official version. It is only his version after all. But as a regular train user without any inside knowledge, he gives a run of the mill observant user's view. I just wish their was a bit more of this sort of thing published.

So, Connex Whinger is added.


  1. I'm saddened that he gets to grace your page, but it is YOUR page and nobody elses.

    I hope we can make you re-consider.

  2. I understand your issues AFE re a previous post of yours, but unless I can find someone better doing the same but better, I think it is worthwhile to have him. The massaging of figures needs to be exposed along with the ridiculously low benchmarks. Not late until it is six minutes late, what rubbish. And I expect you know how figures can be used in another area of PT.

    Please don't hate me :-(