Thursday, March 02, 2006

Measuring up and some relief

So you have never measured it? I can believe that there may be a small percentage of males who have not measured themselves when errect. I don't believe the ones who say they never indulge in onanism.

The other day I heard a statistic that there is only one inch difference between the largest and smallest penis when they are errect AND that the average woman is only five inches deep anyway, so anything more than a five inch penis is useless. Some people really need to get out more, especially researchers.

Another study indicated that the largest hung men in the world are Sri Lankan. A survey of Americans informed us that they thought that white Americans are the largest hung in the world. This one is no suprise really.

By my limited knowledge, Sri Lankans are not the biggest. I would opt for black American or Eastern European.

There must be various ways of measuring yourself. Some must measure from between their legs to the tip. This is wrong and leads to un-necessary excitement in others. Here are my rules. Of course you need to get yourself errect, then measure along the TOP of your organ from base to tip. If you have it, make sure the skin is pulled back. No stretching it out. Do not round to the next inch. You may feel disappointed in the result. Do not worry. Once this measuring method is standardized, I am sure you will be in a very competitive postion.

As for me, well of course I masturbate and yes I have measured it but not since I was a teen I think. I don't suppose it changes much. Size, not telling but I am now going to shower and get dressed now and put on my large shoes. (What made me think lustfully of Ian Thorpe at this point?)

Am I a size queen? Of course. Do I really care, no. But I do like them to get rock hard and often the smaller they are, the harder they get.

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