Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Junk, junk, junk

If you were to visit highriser, you would think our apartment is tidy and clean. It is pretty well, most of the time. Don't look under stuff though. What they eye does not see........ Don't call when we have had a night of drunken debauchery though.

On my semi permanent list of stuff to do is tidy my wardrobe. It would be a pointless exercise though. At best, it would be a rearrangement. But I must do it soon.

Video tapes over twenty plus years, some of a pornographic nature, are fairly neat in those cheap clear large plastic boxes on wheels from $2 type shops. But not so neat because I forgotten what most of them are and like my computer filing system, the filing system for them is not great. I could throw the lot out and not worry.

A sewing machine bought at a charity auction takes up a bit of space. R has needled (unintenional pun) me about it but it takes up space in my wardrobe, so my business. It only needs a needle to make it work. I am sure I will need it one day. Perhaps it should go.

I am not bad with clothes. I check once a year and if I haven't worn it, it is stuffed under the bed. If I don't retrieve it the following year, I throw it out. Shoes could do with a cull though. But one week after I threw my old Blunnies out, some quite nice guy with whom I was chatting on the net was very interested in someone who had boots, especially well worn ones.

A large box of work related material. Maybe it might be interesting for a museum one day.

A large box of travel related material going back nearly three decades. I recently sorted and tidied it. It stays.

A smaller box of theatre programs going back many years. Keep that. Debbie Reynolds at The Palais, maybe priceless one day, well, maybe not.

The killers are two shelves and two drawers. Here is a list of one shelf.

Stack of pay slips. I had them all but recently culled them to keep only those where my pay went up. There aren't many now. Binoculars, an old mobile phone, three mobile phone boxes, a cushion cover R wanted to throw out, but I liked it, a series set of twelve matchbox covers, a series set of beer coasters for an St Kilda art exhibition, a heat pack, two baseball caps, an easter egg for R, Aussie Post plastic bag, a wrapper off a Japanese biscuit...beautiful, a keyring/compass, two mobile phone manuals, an old Gomaco calendar, two old calendars from Singapore and an OG magazine (just for the stories).

At the back sits a very old Benson and Hedges cigarette tin containing a photo of my first and only girlfriend (dead), some opals, a cork from the Trafalgar Cork Club, a pair of thumb cuffs (don't ask), a few strange coins, a bottle opener, a tiny magnifying glass, a pair of brown shoe laces(I really don't know), a Shell cloth badge, a small cylindrical container meant for lead for a compass but it would be ok for some coke and a neck chain.

Multiply that by another similar shelf and two drawers. Not much really that I could throw out.

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