Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Inner city child v outer burb child

I have thought about this a bit over quite a long period.

Is it a good idea to bring up children when living in a flat or apartment? R disagrees with me strongly and thinks children needs a house, a yard etc etc.

Daniel seems to think the experience was ok.

Children are brought up all over the world in apartment blocks, tiny cramped flats at times.

I'll concede that the above is culturally a bit un-Australian.

What does a kid need when growing up? Loving parents with a strong sense of right and wrong, space to play, a pet, easy access to friends and at least one sibling. These gaurantee nothing, but generally, I think they are important.

The outer burbs certainly allow for more space, although the size of land around a new free standing house can be minimal. The parent will spend a lot of time driving their children to places in their car.

The inner burbs, in an apartment of a reasonable size, offers many advantages. Namely, access to all sorts of culture from art to bands, superior public transport, possibly a more worldly view of the life, sporting venues etc.

So I do feel if I had the choice, I would prefer to grow up or bring up a kid in the inner burbs, even if I could only afford a flat as against a large house in the outer burbs.


  1. I agree andrew. Growing up in Canberra it wasn't such an issue living in the outer 'burbs (not that I did) as the whoile place is quite spread out. However, here in Melbourne the opportunities to amuse yourself in the inner city are endless. I love living here and if I ever had a family, I'd love to bring them up here, close into the centre of town. (if I'm in Melbourne)

    As an example, a work colleague was not even aware of the fish on the yarra today... and she lives in Northcote, which is a location quite clearly far too removed (for her) as it allows her to live in total ignorance of the happenings of the city. What a loss.

  2. Well, we all know what sexual preferences people in Northcote have. But as a north side person, she did not even have to cross the river.

    Seriously, I am astonished that anyone would not know about the fish.