Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ungrateful cow

It seems our flat in East St Kilda is no longer good enough for a pierced nose alternative female. She is bolting. Such ingrattitude. She has complained, we have fixed. She was there for over one year and paid on time, so we kept the rent at the same level. Just $165 per week. She came into it with brand new blinds, but sadly a cord has broken and she had reported it as a fault. Bah, they are best quality blinds, I wish we had such good ones at home, but she has managed to break one. Agents always seem to be on tenants side. Fair wear and tear, agent said. No, they were very good quality blinds. The must have suffered some abuse to have a broken cord after 18 months. (Advice to tenants, rent through Shocking Stupid, don't worry about damge, it will be all listed as fair wear and tear, the landlord will pay.) Not really this tenant, but the previous one did quite a lot of damage. Foolishly we thought the bond she had paid would compensate us. It would seem not.

But agent tells us to ask for $190 now. Yippee. On the horizon, we might actually make money, instead of sinking it in and recoup a little towards the damages we have had to pay.

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