Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Small World

Him: Hi, busy?
Me: Not really. Hiya
Him: How was your weekend
Me: Fine thanks
Him: What r u looking for?
Me: Just cruising, maybe more
Him: You are in South Yarra? Not far from me.
Me: Ok, you live in South Yarra?
Him: No, work there
Me: Shop girl? hehe
Him: No, but it is retail
Him: You?
Me: Nothing terribly interesting. But shift work, so often have free time during the day
Him: ic
Me: Nice pic btw. You have a face pic?
Him: Yap.
Me: send it to me and I will reply with my pics
Him: Hang on
Me: I know you. You work at my local Post Office
Him: Hah, yap
Him: You sent yours?
Him: How old are you
Me: Sent. Stats are in my profile
Him: Sorry yes. Pics not arrived yet
Me: Sent them
Him: I know you too. You come in and buy first day covers
Me: Oh dear. Nerd huh?
Him: No, you are nice
Me: You know I really like the way you deal with customers. You are always so friendly to everyone.
Him: Thanx
Me: Sure you sometimes feel like not being nice
Me: I am Andrew btw
Him: lol, so am I
Me: Really, wow
Him: You there?
Me: Sorry, two phones rang at once
Me: You are not at work now?
Him: No
Me: Gee, amazing co-incidence. You are really nice looking btw.
Him: Thanx. What sort of stuff do you like doing?
Me: Corny I know, but mild to wild, versatile
Me: How long is your lunch break?
Him: You do text?
Me: Yep, 041.......

He really is such a nice guy. You think butter would not melt in his mouth


  1. Did anything else melt in his mouth Andrew? You been playing away from home again?

    tsk tsk

  2. Just good friends :-P

  3. You skanky whore.

  4. Not getting any Andy?