Monday, February 27, 2006


I kinda know what RSS is. The time has arrived that I have decided I think I need to use it. Firstly I need to find out what it really is. I did some looking and I have a good idea now. I need to download a program. But there are a few to choose from and I really have no idea. I have looked at newsgator and newsmonster. Both look overly complicated with far more features than what I want. I think I will just put it in the too hard basket for a while. Rephrased, I will research for quite a while without focusing on it too much. My usual MO, perhaps.

Actually I wonder if it is a good idea for me? It can be frustrating at times when you click on someone's blog day after day and they have written nothing, but you know when they do, it will be a gem. You think, well they must be very busy. There are the totally dependable blogs, guaranteed to have something new and fresh to say.

Then there are ones with very long posts. I must try not to slip into that. No matter how worthy the topic and although I am far from young, I have the attention span of a modern young person and I really can't be bothered reading long posts, with some personal exceptions, especially when they are very personal posts.

Nah, I won't do this rss feed for a while. I like clicking on people's blogs, whether they have posted or not. Call it a 21st century personal connection. You are not just fed into my computer for me to quickly scan and delete. I make an effort and read your blog and get to know you up to a point. I go to your blog and read what you write. It stays in context. Sometimes I may look at your links, photos, profile, blogger mates.

But I am not being critical of people who use rss feeds. I expect they have many blogs to keep up with. Just not my thing.


  1. If one day it does become your thing, consider this for RSS, invaluable, quick and dirty -no program to download. Like updating blog bookmarks. (e.g.)

    (Just my 2 florins worth.)

  2. Thanks Your Excellency.

  3. Ya, I use bloglines also. Your feed is on my list andrew, so consider yourself already part of the RSS world. It does cut down on the time-consuming clicking and loading, which is useful for me as I only have a dial-up connection.

  4. Thanks for confirming M!key. So am the token homosexual in your feed list? The only gay in the village?

  5. Anonymous11:19 am

    I also have you on my bloglines list. I barely understand RSS at all, but find bloglines dead easy to use. I keep track of about 20 blogs, so this way I don't waste time check blogs that haven't updated. The other great thing is there are a couple of excellent writers who may not have posted for long period of time and I would have given up on checking there blog manually, but out of the blue, they're back posting and I can see immediately that there's something to read.

    Reading blogs solely from bloglines you loose some of the flavour of a blog that comes form layout, coulour schemes, fonts, images etc.

    However I do find myself clicking onto the actual blogs frequently - especially to explore comments, contribute comments check blogrolls that may be listed on that site ( I found you from Daniel Bowens blogroll). Some blogs (like yours) don't display images in the bloglines feed, so I click over to the blog to look at these.

  6. Thanks for reading and the info.

  7. Yes, yours is the gayest blog on my subscription list andrew. ;-)