Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Road rage

I don't indulge in it and never been a victim of it if it means someone gets out of the car. The worst I have suffered is glares from a car behind when I have been in a correct lane and I am not going faster than the speed limit.

I did revently have a word to the passenger of a car when I was next to her at traffic lights. It was in reference to her female P plate friend's driving. She was preocupied with arranging her hair, checking herself in the mirror, smoking and doing something with her mobile phone. She drifted over lane lines. She stopped several cars short of the car in front at traffic lights and still sat there when everyone moved off. I suggested she tell her friend that driving was a serious business and she needed to concentrate. She acclerated hard and swung directly in front of me, but missed my corner panel as I was very alert. She then slowed and I patiently followed behind. She stuck a single finger and accelerated away in a cloud of blue smoke. Silly girl.

It stikes me as very odd that you can put a few hundred people on a train, crammed up together, invading each other's personal space and it is rarely a problem. Put the same number of people in individually chosen and individual motorised metal boxes, and they go beserk.

Perhaps it is that the crammed train passengers have a common but absent enemy who they can't attack. The CaR DriVER can SIGHT HIs/heR enEMY and RAM THE C***** CAR or STAB or SHOOT the A**HOLE.

I think it may be very satisfying at times.

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