Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Moving seats

It was supposed to be 35 degrees today but only reached 31. Still, warm enough. It was my day off so I planned to do home stuff later and go out early, an opposite to the way I usually do stuff.

I caught an almost empty tram to the city. Some business wanker talking way too loud on his mobile. Move to other end of tram.

Had some bacon, eggs, toast and coffee at an outdoor caf in Swanston Street. Passerby asks if he can borrow my spoon. I said no as I know what this is about (boil up your smack in something else, not my teaspoon). Walked back to Collins and Elizabeth and extracted the little that was in my bank account.

Caught tram in Collins Street towards Spencer Street. Vacant seat on a crowded tram. Hey, I will take that. Person sitting on seat next to where I sat stank of urine. Move away and found another seat by Queen St.

Get off tram and walk over Collins Street bridge and note Spencer Street Station is kinda open.

Visit Lindsey Fox Car Museum. Marvellous. Note colourful whirly gig thing at docklands is going crazy in the wind.

Walk back over bridge to Spencer Street and enter station. It is not a finished project yet, but all I can say is wow. I am impressed. Board train to Flinders Street Station. Sit near three generations, with the youngest having a very noisy pretend mobile phone. Move seat. Realise that I have never been on this model train before. Curvy and stylish, must be French.

Forget which platform Sandringham train goes from. Look around and find it. One minute to departure. Made it. Although air con is good, realise that I am sitting in the sun coming in through the tinted window. Move seat.

Arrive Richmond. Person with extreme B.O. sat near me after walking a long distance down the train past empty seats. Moved seat. Realise that I am on train of solid German engineering. Very nice and very square.

Alight Prahran, vaguely aware of two girls behind me who were together. "Excuse me", one called. I spun around. No, nothing to do with me. Who were they talking to? Then I heard the effing see words in their casual conversation. Shopped for essentials, caught bus home. I know full well how public transport driver's minds work. Rang the bell for my stop as we neared and there was a green light for the intersection before. Still, he was going past my stop until I called out. The next stop is a long way away, like two long tram stops, Dorcas Street. He stopped not too far away and was very apologetic.

All of that before noon. Home for loading dishwasher, loading washing machine and switching them on, water plants, check mail, pay bills online, sort out money, caught up with previous nights tv, talked on phone to Mum, sister in law and Dame M. Went out for coffee and muffin at cafe opposite, went for hair cut at local barber.

You have just read some of my day before 4pm when R gets home. Not terribly interesting really but I do urge you to support the Lukemia Foundation by visiting the Fox Car Museum. It is great.

I can cope with loud mouths on phones on public transport. I can cope with noisy kids. I cannot cope with people who stink!!! Why??? What I want to say to them is, 'Hey mate, you need a bit of a wash'. Wonder if anyone ever tells them?

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