Friday, February 24, 2006

Coles v Safeway

So do people have a preferred supermarket? I am curious, so make a comment. Mostly I think it is what is closest to you.

In Balaclava I much preferred Coles to Safeway as it was so much bigger and carried many more lines. Now, our local shops are Prahran, and both are comparable in size and next to each other. I favour Coles though and once a bloke learns where stuff is in a supermarket, he won't wanna change. But I still use Safeway at times, especially for marked down meat.

I really dislike the close by South Melbourne Coles. It is old and cramped and there is always someone in my way. But it is easy to cycle to. They are building a new one though in the near future.

We often shop at Safeway in QV in the city. I really like it and there are lots of cute overseas students to perve on. Coles in Melbourne Central is horrible and I will not go back there. Claustrophobic place it is. I can't even remember the experience. I have blocked it in my head.

I much prefer the old and tired Safeway in Ackland Street to the bright newish Coles.

Maybe I have bit of a preference towards Coles, but it depends more on the physical store itself I think and how convenient it is to me at the time. I will guess that is how it works for most people. But if you only use one and would never use the other, I would be interested to know (fly buy loyalty excluded).

I have not actually been into an Aldi, but I don't think I would like it.


  1. Anonymous6:04 pm

    No, you won't like Aldi, though you can see how they get their low overheads.

    If the one in Braybrook is any guide, once you're in, you're in and it's hard to get out without making a purchase.

    If you're only there to make one or two purchases forget it - there's only two or three checkouts and everyone else has trolleys. There's no '8 items or fewer' (less in retail-speak) line, so you'll be stuck forever.

    It could be OK if you're feeding a family and are buying a trolley full of stuff, but otherwise, give it a miss.

  2. Sounds hideous. Reminds me of Half Case Warehouse in it's early days. A new Aldi has opened in the northern part of the city.

  3. I'm used to Safeway. My last few suburbs have all had them, and it's closest, so that's where I go.

    From my one visit, I concur on Aldi. I'd just add that it's a place people go if they're not in a hurry, and finding a bargain matters more than finding what they're looking for.

  4. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Aldi is in Australia?! I don´t believe it - if the old Albrecht brothers would have? Albrecht-Discount worldwide! I like Coles but prefer Woolworths. They not only name themselves "the freshfood people" but I always found thy are bigger, brighter and often cleaner. But in the end, lazy as I am I always take the supermarket which is closest, as long as the quality is ok.