Monday, February 06, 2006


Everyone seems to writing about coffee. The coffee I enjoy most is a short black after a bottle of red. I could drink a few of them but try to string one out by slow sips. Red wine and strong black coffee go so well together.

My usual daytime coffee is a strong latte or a long black. I used to quite like a macchiato but it is so hard to get one properly made, I have pretty well given up.

Hot or cold chocalate leaves me cold. I do have the occasional cup of Indian tea and went through a stage of drinking different Twinings teas. I like Chinese green tea (oolong). Japanese green tea is vile and all traces of it should have been destroyed in 1945. Iced coffee with whole coffee beans sitting on the icecream is a delight. I love crunching into the coffee beans.

As for coffee at home, well it is mostly instant, but I don't drink many cups at home. We have had various coffee machines over the years. We started with a drip coffee machine. Not so good really. We had an electric percolater which I think blew up. When I was a trainer at work, in a moment of bludging, I bought a pressure coffee making machine at Footscray Market. It was a bit tricky, but if you got it right, it was a wonderful cup of coffee. At some point there was a glass percolater which sat on the stove. I suppose it was mid 1990s when we bought a plunger. I think we broke it and we bought another which we still use. After our trip to Vietnam, we were inspired to buy these, I assume French, simple coffee making implements. It just sits over a glass or cup and takes forever to drip through the slightly pressured coffee. I believe many deals are done in Vietnam while the waiting for the coffee to drip through. It normally drips through onto sweetened condensed milk, but it does make a mean black.

Now, while not a coffee conesur? (it's just too hard), I do like a nice cup of coffee. So why don't we have a proper machine at home? Well, I am very much an at home person. We both are. Needing a decent cup of coffee gets us out, it gives meaning to things, it is the antidote to exercise, that is, knock off the benefits of a good walk with a cup of coffee with fat laden milk and too conclude, I don't think I would appreciate it if it was so readily available at home.......but then there are times......

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