Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Memory of Juanita

I have mentioned Juanita Nielson somewhere before in my blog. She is somewhat of a hero(ine) of mine.

She was rich and yet lived in this modest house in Victoria St, Kings Cross. She loved 'The Cross' and the larger than life characters who frequented it.

She led a campaign against property developers which resulted in the Builders Labourers Federation (Green Bans) placing bans on demolitions in Victoria Street.
The campaign was successful and the streetscape was saved but for her trouble, it would seem, she was murdered, perhaps by those with vested interests, and may have ended in up a building's concrete foundations.

While I do know (of) some passionate activists, the numbers are not what they used to be. Get off your arses and protest.


  1. Anonymous4:19 am

    A bit late but I've just discovered your piece on the Juanita Nielsen murder.
    You're not alone in hoping for a truthful resolution to this case:
    Tony Reeves and I spent almost four years investigating the killing back in the 1970s and have been trying to headline the truth ever since. But the gutless Sydney media doesn't want to know. The political implications are too far-reaching.
    If you care to know a litle of the background to our investigation take a look at the only Sydney media outlet prepared to expose the truth.
    It is:
    Then click on this:

    I think you'll get the picture.
    Yours in Truth
    Barry Ward

  2. Then take a look at this:

    Barry Ward

  3. Ah, Henry Thornton from Crikey. I do recall you being mentioned in this story which I read some time ago.

    I also wrote about her again when Abe Saffron died.

    Thanks for links and keeping the pressure on. I will read the links when I have the time to pay them my full attention.


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