Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fire is topical

If you have been listening to ABC radio Melbourne/Victoria, the state is alight. Not quite as bad as that. Serious yes, but it has been in the past too but did not get such coverage.
The coverage has been a wee bit melodramatic.

After writing the post about Dame M and her fire experience, I remembered some of my own. Just vaguely. I spent some of my formative years in the country, a bit north of Warragul (note spelling D) and a bit south of Mount Baw Baw. It was in the sixties and the fire was approaching. We did not have a 'fire plan' to save the house. But we did have a fire plan to save us. My father told us that we must go to the dam with hessian sacks. Wet the sacks, put them over oursleves and stay in the dam until the fire passed.

In restrospect, we could have easily saved the house. Hydreangers don't burn easily and nor does a privet hedge. It would have been a matter of putting out embers.

Yes, you do need to be prepared to protect your property from fire, but it is not hard to do, as long as you are at home.

My other fire experience was a trip from Gippsland to Ararat. We drove along a road in an FB Holden and there was fire burning on either side. Even though it was hot, we could feel the heat of the fires in the car. Maybe it was the Lara fires.

We got through, and on that hideously hot day, Fa took pity on us and stopped off at the swimming pool in Ballarat. Never have I enjoyed a swim so much.

We arrived at Ararat, and a storm, perhaps a cool change arrived. The power went off. Birds fell off the electric wires, electocuted.

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