Saturday, December 17, 2005

Highriser biffo

I really am too nice at times. It was just a short ride home in a cab from Dame Ms with R and the o/s rels. $9.50........keep the change. Someone wanted to get in the cab as we got out and he was not a local person. He grabbed the taxi door and yelled at the driver that he had money and would pay. If I was a taxi driver, I would not have taken him anywhere and this taxi driver was saying no. While I hate the way most taxi drivers drive, I know their's, to put it plainly, a sh** job. I feel sorry for them for what they have to put up with. I tried to be nice to the driver and shut the door. The lout took exception to this and told me in no uncertain terms to let go of the door. Full of confidence as they were three of us and the building's guard was nearby, I slammed the door and the cab took off. The lout started to say something else and I was ready to run. R grabbed him by the scruff of shirt and told him to 'just f*** off'. My hero.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Faster faster

Cut left, cut right, force a space between cars. Damn, some idiot slowing me. Swing left again, accelerate and just get past. Bloody red traffic light. Accelarate hard and catch up to the pack in front. Swing left, swing right. Pack behind catches up. F'ing asshole drivers. Another red light. Green light, go go go. I don't believe it, the next set of lights has gone red and I am hemmed in by someone with a bowling hat on the back car ledge.

Mr dark 30 plus something in an irredecent irridecant sparkly blue car, you just looked damned silly and immature to everyone who observed you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Harping on about the riots

Perhaps you think I am harping on a bit about this but I don't want a divided Australia, no go areas or racially based ghettos.

Some of these comments in this person's below blog are just a retelling of their experiences and I really did not know it was quite so bad in Crass City. If you want to understand the problem a bit, have a quick skim of them.

I thought of this post today yesterday when home for lunch and then as I was going back to work I thought about any Lebanese I may know. I think I only have one Lebanese workmate now. He is always ok with me, but I have seen him lose his temper. Not nice. But I have seen that in many races including fourth generation Aussies.

Then I recalled the only time that I have experienced overt homophobia at work. To be fair, the disagreement was about something else, but me being gay was the weapon he used against me for quite some period. Never mind that another male workmate was shagging his male cousin. But it was nothing I could not cope/deal with myself and eventually he resigned. Yes, you can guess his origins, Lebanese. Then there was his older brother and while never personally unpleasant to me, I heard plenty of 'poofter' stuff............jokes and thinking more carefully about it, their attitude to women was appalling.

I can only base my view on what I read, hear and my personal experience, exactly the same as you will probably. Too many imigrants into Australia of one race in a short period can be very problematic. Perhaps not immediately but even in twenty years time. Or sad to say, is it that they just don't fit in?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who goes there?

I rarely bother with it, but I do have a statistic tracker on my blog. Sometimes it leaves me scratching my head on the very odd occasion I look at it.

I am sure I did not write anything about man powered walking calipers and as I don't know who she is or what, I am also sure I did not write anything about tory lane rape.

I wonder why google directed their queries to my blog?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Coming soon near you

It is said that because of Melbourne's layout and demographics, race riots will not break out here. That may well be true.

From what I can understand of the rioting in Crounulla, NSW, and with a little help from my Lebo loving friend who lives in Sydney, it is the tolerance of anti social behaviour that has brought this trouble on. It does not matter whether they are Lebanese or whoever, anti social behaviour on the beach where others feel disenfranchised, intimidated or afraid ought not be tolerated by society and especially by police who stand for law and order. If anyone is to blame, blame the police who allowed this situation to develop. I expect police would argue, lack of person power. Maybe true. There is nothing like visible patrolling to make people behave.

So I would not feel too smug about it all happening in Sydney. It could happen here with different circumstances and groups.

Now sit back and watch the fun. More newspapers sold, higher tv ratings, politicians maximizing political advantage, police defensive and spin doctoring hard, apologists from both camps, expert advice from the socially aware workers.

Bugger, I have now forgotten what I was going to make a post about now. Was it work place relations? Student Union? Sedition legislation? There must be some happy pollies who will have a very relaxed christmas.