Saturday, December 10, 2005

So far, so good

The o/s rels are suitably comfortable and settled now. I am not so sure about us. R took them out last night to his work dinner and when I rose at five this morning for work, R and his sister were drinking and chatting away. I guess they had a lot to catch up with.

Tonight we are off to the annual Gay and Lesbian Chorus and Rainbow Band carols in the Prahran Market courtyard. Now we have only told them that it is carols but I expect they will work out the nuances for themselves. They can also meet a good percentage of our friends.

Tomorrow is family picnic day.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My last word on long neck

I am sorry to hear many express that he was a drug trafficker (he was only a mule) and deserved his punishment.

Readers will already know my personal thoughts on the matter.

While this is my original thought, it has been expressed elsewhere now.

I am terribly proud of so many Australians who stood up for Van Nguyen because he was an Australian. In some ways you who are born elsewhere may feel you are bit on the outer, but once you are convincingly Australian, we will look after you as our own, which of course you are.

I don't like a foreign country killing one of us and nor do I like one of us being detained like Hicks is in the US.

Prediction: There won't be nine Australians standing in front of an Indonesian firing squad. Nor will there be in Vietnam.

Depressing world

Doom and gloom is what we read and see. It could be depressing at times, but just when you think things are so bad, there is light on the horizon. Margaret Thatcher is 'dizzy' and has been taken to hospital. See, nice things do still happen.

Sadly, our oldest, oldest friends had to have their pussy put down this week. RIP Adam.

The o/s visitors arrive tomorrow. Help!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Casino, they would like you to call it Crown

A friend had a friend visiting from the Gold Coast, so he asked if we would like to eat at the Casino on Monday night. Sure, no problem. Apart from a little tram drama, we arrived almost on time. Not a bad meal at Kings if 'all you can eat' is your thing.

At the eastern end where the entrance to the hotel is, we saw some very nice carol singing and also a pretty good animated christmas show. The exterior water works that the kids run through, seems to have been upgraded and it is entrancing to just sit and watch. The water droplets were golden in the dying sun and it was a hoot when a gust of wind arrived and sprayed water over the spectators.

While I have certain views of the people who frequent the place, it is great that they subsidise these amsusements. So do take advantage of it, with or without your kiddies.

Building's barbeque

Last Sunday all residents were invited to a barbeque hosted by the body corporate committee. I have heard of an estimated average for a building like ours, 2.5 residents per apartment. 128 by 2.5 is 358 residents. I doubt the 2.5 figure for this building but even it is just two, 256 residents. Sixty said they would attend. R did a head count at the peak, and there was a figure of 35. A few came a left quickly, so say forty. Not a great figure really. There was plenty of food and drinks left over.

The participation level and the fairly mono culural anglo aspect aside, it went very well and hopefully it will be bigger next year.

Moff attack

I left to go to work today and the car park was full of moths.......well not full, but there were heaps of them everywhere. I got into my car and off I set for work. By the time I left the carpark, I had three fluttering around inside the car. How did they get in? No idea. Maybe crawled in through ventilation openings. I opened the back windows and they disappeared, I hope.