Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life kicks back in

I had worked so long without a day off, I needed to do a mega shop. Rain threatening, too much to carry, too much for the shopping jeep. Take the car. I filled the car with stuff from Prahran Market, stuff from the supermarket, stuff from Dans. Two large shopping jeeps of stuff from the car to the apartment. That was just Friday morning. Afternoon was cleaning the place, with the mind of the o/s guests arriving at the end of the week. The unmet sister in law could be a seriously fastidious person. Need to have the place looking top notch.

Then we had dyke visitors who at least were happy with take away pizza for dinner, but of course we had to provide the nibbles before hand. I had forgotten about pate, but I bought some and yum yum. Then ex NT policeman called in who brought a friend who had a couple of days ago been looking at Q!, the tallest residential building in the world on the Gold Coast. Co-incidently, one of the dyke friends parents have just bought an apartment there.

It was a good night.

Saturday was better, a walk through Fawkner Park to do even more shopping in Prahran. Among other things, we needed to buy a clock radio for the spare bedroom for the o/s rels. R had session at the electric beach and a hair cut for $15 in Prahran Central.

Let's stay home alone tonight hey. We agreed but then later R said he mght like to go out. So we bashed off to Victoria Street and met our oldest oldest friends for an early meal at Tran Tran.

One of them said, I suppose since we are not been invited back for coffee, we will be on our way. Oops. So we invited them. Then sis in law called from Casino. She had taken my most gorgeous niece to Harry Potter movie. Can they call in for coffeee? Of course. As we were seeing friends off, they arrived.

They stayed a wee while, then left but we expecting the surgeon girl friend of my sister to call soon after her christmas party to stay the night. I hope one of us wakes up. She should have called in earlier to get the dudad and key.

Please no visitors tomorrow.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sad assed cry baby

While I know perfectly well that I am a victim of an extremely successful media/public image management operation/campaign, I cried three times today. I can't remember ever shedding a tear for a road accident victim. While I would happily see someone who parked in a disabled parking space, when they weren't entitiled to, slowly and painfully tortured to death, Van Nguyen did not deserve to die and certainly not by such a barbaric method.

At St Ignatious in uphill Richmond at 9 am, the time of his death, the bells tolled. The mournful sound of single church bells gets me every time.

Later in the day I was silly enough to watch an online interview of his mother. At the end of the interview she broke down completly. It was horrible.

When watching commercial tv news tonight, my eyes only filled with tears.

And what is his stupid mother like? Bolting from Vietnam to the Lucky Country so that her children have an opportunity in life. You really did screw up badly there hun. Better you stayed where you were.

Fortunately of I am of resiliant stock and I will have forgotten about it all by tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crash bang

I saw the aftermath of five car accidents today. I think that might be a personal best for me. While I never leave my work postion normally, there must be something in the air as yesterday I advised someone who reversed into a parked car for no apparent reason, that it was time for him to give up driving. The same day I told a taxi driver that he will be in the coroner's court if he continues to bump into school boys at speed who are getting off a tram. Today I told a woman that making people who have have left a tram leap back onto the tram to avoid her hitting them meant that she ought not have a driving license. I told my workmate that she seemed to be Mauritian, as was he and he offered to abuse her in Mauritian.

Advice to self, stay in work postition until January 2nd.

Smack head

I was standing at a street corner in the poshest of posh suburbs in Melbourne when a person staggered past me. Very odd for this area. I know enough to not get caught looking or noticing but out of the corner of my eye, I saw him stagger badly and slowly crumple to the ground. Oh dear. I don't want to be involved.

He sort of looked like I looked once after leaving the Peel. I fell in the gutter and did not know which way was up to get up. Ahh youth, what fun it was.

He was talking to someone on the phone and he called to me, could I talk to them. He had rung 000 but he wasn't making much sense to them. I took over and after what seemed quite a long time, got the details through to them of his exact location. My location description was very accurate as I am used to giving such information, but it seemed very difficult for them. What part of 'on the northern pavement, 10 metres west of Glenferrie Road in Toorak Road, Toorak' was hard? The police will probably attend and want to ask you some questions, I was told by the Ambulance Service.

Not on your nelly thought I. Mate, I am just going across the road. I'll keep an eye on you from there. You'll be ok? Sure mate, thanks heaps for your help. He was then on the phone again to someone who he told he would meet at The Alfred.

Ambulance arrived, police arrived and I hid around the corner and withheld valuable information, such as 'I was standing there reading page eight of Tuesday's paper.......'

Gay stereotype

There is one gay stereotype that fits me perfectly and that is celebrities. I like hearing gossip about them, I collect hot pics of them and they are nearly always male. But there is a twist to it. There aren't many from the two thousands and not a lot from the nineties. I am caught in a time warp.

It probably started with me coming across a faked nude of Leonardo Di Caprio. Oh, I'll save that and it grew from there. I now have a folder called 'celebs' that is 129mb big. Originally it was only nudes of famous guys but it now just hot pics of anyone who takes my fancy.

Why, you may ask? Dunno I would reply. Coz I can. I am a bit of a collector. I have yet to tell you about my stamp collection........true, I do have one.

Here is an illogical snapshot of my Celebs folder.

It is divided two ways, folders for those who have quite a lot of pics of or single pics sorted by family name. First folder is Will Ames, last is Usher. (And you Aussie rapper type kiddies, I knew about Usher and Sisquo long before you did). Previous MTV presenter Simon Rex features with his jerk off stills and vids.

Bieng a child of the seventies, of course I have a large collection of David Cassidy pics and his less attractive brother Shaun, but at least Shaun did some underwear pics.

If you are knowedgeable about modern Melbourne music, you will know who Les Gock is. I have baretop pics of him when he was in Hush.

Scott Baio from Happy Days. Yum, and still doesn't look so bad.

Japanese footy star

Downloaded in a job lot, many pics of Jap pop stars.

Latest additions, pics of the late George Best. I knew a little of him but he suddenly become quite interesting not that he is dead. The truly latest is an animated gif of David Beckham running, swinging side to side, so to speak. He is not quite in the league of Matt Shirvington, but not too bad. He is quite hot looking..........until he speaks. Something really needs to be shoved in his mouth.

Local gay star Opell Ross, starred in Melbourne's production of Rent.

Most explicit, probably Alex Dimitriadis stills from Head On.

I do have pics of Paris Hilton and somewhere I have the vids. Go girl.

The vids of Tommy Lee and Pamela someone were quite explicit too. But as they are vids they are saved elsewhere.

The only other female to have a folder is Patsy from Ab Fab.

The above were all folders. Individual pics start at Ben Affleck and 596 pics later end at Billy Zane.

Saddest pics are of Princess Margaret.

Most surprising discovery just noticed, pic of Mick Jagger nude.

Most dissappointing as they have aged is Leif Garrett.

Noah Hathaway still looks good, even though older, except for a very nasty tattoo.

Most dissapointing nude, Diego Maradona. He really was at the back of line when they handed out equipment.

A pic that raised my eyebrows? Richard Gere nude in the water at the beach in Sweden. Now Sweden is a cold place with cold water. My mind boggles at what he might look like in warm water.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Something a bit lighter

It was a fine still morning and four balloons rose seemingly from among the forest of buildings. They go up so quickly, I did not have time to check the camera settings. Unfortunately it was set on the smallest size pic.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bye Bye Van

Many eloquent words have been written about Van Nguyen being hanged in Singapore. I shall write some in-eloquent ones. I have a very simplistic view of the matter. Murder is wrong, be it personal or by the state. I can't think of a murder victim who has so long to think of their demise.

It is just so awful that he is not allowed physical contact with his family before he is hanged. While the goodbye would be a dreadful scene to witness, I am sure a cuddle from your mother, the mother's last memory of cuddling her son, the brother whispering how sorry he was into his condemned brother's ear would make the memory of an awful thing so much easier for both the condemned and those left behind. It is positively inhuman to not allow physical contact.

I am afraid that Singapore's appearance as a first world country is nothing but a veneer and it is somewhat hypocritical when the last port of call for most drugs before they enter Australia, is.........Singapore. Their port is as corrupt as anywhere you will find in the world and the only thing Singapore understands is money. If you view Singapore as a large corrupt corporation, you won't be far off the mark.

LKY, Lee Kwan Yu, or Harry Lee as he used to be known at Oxford, still pulls the strings in Singapore. He is the one all appeals should go to.

I recall the time Barlow and Chambers were killed in Malaysia and there was not this much of a pubic outcry. They were hard ass drug dealers, couriers, users and a bit of a waste of space. This Nguyen person is just a sadly delusional upstart. A fool, for sure, but he does not deserve to bounce around on the end of a rope.

Of course we will forget in time.........pretty well. But every time we hear the word Singapore or transit through, some little thing in the back of brain will tick. Personally I won't forget the day Singapore killed one of us Australians in cold blood. It is going to be a long emotional week.