Friday, October 28, 2005

The lion, the king and the cockatoo

I have fought hard to only have a minimal number of plants on our balcony. The balcony is not huge. I don't want it cluttered. I don't want to have to cart plants in and out to water them. I have spent many, probably thousands of hours in the past tending to our gardens. They were pretty good. But now, just a couple of special plants is all that is needed.

R bashed off to see the Lion King last night. He loved it. I would not go. I did not really like the sound of it. It was terribly expensive. I was working too late anyway.

I arrived home with my chicken and chips from Charcoal Chicken in Balavclava. It was the largest quarter of chicken I have ever come accross. I could barely eat it all.

What has happened on the balcony? One annual flowering plant has just been disposed of recently because it ran out of flowers. Remaining is a woody flowering plant and a neglected cactus. The cactus was a gift. I don't like cactus much, so I never watered it. But that does not ensure the death of a cactus. As it was a gift, I was a bit loath to throw it out.

The two people who R was going to see the Lion King with were the ones who gave us said cactus.

(It is coming together, be patient)

These friends came here last night to call for R and then they travelled into town on the tram together.

But the balcony. Cactus bits strewn everywhere. The other plant had two thick stems cut off it. I am thinking the friends have tried to do something with the plants, then run out of time and just left the mess there.

I saw R briefly this morning and he had no knowledge of the incident and was just as curious, so it wasn't them. We have had quite a few birds on our balcony lately. A couple of doves, occasional blackbird and quite often, Indian Mynahs. But I have never seen them attack any plant like this.

I was puzzled. R worked it out. Cockatoos. I have heard of them attacking western red cedar in country houses, but an attack on a balcony in St Kilda Road? Only very sharp cocky like beaks could have bitten through the woody stems on one plant.

Yep, umpteen floors up with only two modest pot plants, we are the victims of a wild life attack. You truly would not believe the damage they did. It is fortunate that I care little for either plant.

Lack of social life

Let me think. I suppose the visit to Frankston Market last week was a social thing with some of my family, but otherwise, work has impacted heavily on any other social activity.

But on the horizon, Saturday night we have been invited to our dyke friend's newest squeeze for dinner in down town East St Kilda no less. Her newest squeeze is quite nice. Her mother did not cook, so she learnt herself at a young age and does it very well we believe. I only said so in front of our two closest friends, but oh, not a dyke social worker in government employ. Dame M, the boarder, and our friends the twinnies will attend too. I am morally concerned as our dyke friend's relationships don't normally last very long, and I hate the idea of her new squeeze going to so much effort for people she may never see again. Anyway, it is her choice, but.

Then we are invited to a cup day party, but as I am working, I cannot attend.

Cup night we are invited to Indian Divali celebrations. The days co-incides, take it as a omen for your Cup bets at your risk.

The Revolting Poor have Started Their Rebellion

Apart from their four wheel drives and Brighton mansions, what else symbolizes the rich capitalist class? Yep, in Melbourne it is a bathing box. Brightly coloured timber structures that sit on the sand of our public beaches and are privately owned. Minimum price $9,000, maximum, $150,000.

So now the poor are revolting, and torching these symbols of rampant and uncaring capitalism.

(I hope that is why some were torched and it wasn't stupid vandalism)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

R's frustration

I don't think I am too hard to get along with, but I am somewhat of a careful person. I consider things, especially purchases, to the point where R is over it by the time I make up my mind. The barbeque for the balcony was an example.

The most obvious present example is the bicycle I want. I still don't have one, but I am going to get my brother's bike, that was my sister's, gratis.

Good deal, and I will see if I like cycling. It is only about two years since I first mentioned to R that I should have a bike.

When you don't have anything on the go, or to look forward to, you may as well not exist. Perhaps procrastination over purchases is is one way of always having something to keep your mind busy.

Update: This was written a while ago, but I got too busy to fix it up and publish, so it is out of chronological order, but I am posting it anyway.

Poetic Justice or Cheering M!key

A Mercedes pulled out if front of me. Not too alarming, but I did have to slow a bit. No visible sign of a driver meaning...............ha, I am not going to get monitored by blogger.

I was now driving quite slowly. A bicycle passes me on the left. I was vaguely aware of a female with a fat ass pedalling. Mercedes swung to the left without any indication and stopped abrubtly against the kerb. Cyclist braked firmly on the wet and greasy road. The bike skidded a bit, wobbled a bit, seemed to regain uprightness and then, praise the lord, hit the rear right side of the Mercedes.

Bicycle continued on uninjured. Cyclist pedalling also uninjured. Mercedes, astonishingly, received considerable damage to it's paintwork. Sort of half a circle where maybe the pedal ripped deeply through the paintwork.

Sometimes minor things just make me so joyously happy.

Precinct 3182

Precinct 3182 is history now, it is now smart apartments, actually perhaps not so smart apartments. The Laneway Sauna is just a vague memory. Four gay venues, all connected. No wonder he lost money on it. If you don't know, it was on the north east corner of Carlisle Street and St Kilda Rd. The Duke of Wellington hotel is still there and has had many reincarnations since. It is presently well coated with silver frost!

The owner of the group of gay venues, Ken Payne, said guys used to come up to him all the time and beg for him to re-open something like Mandate, which was in Carlisle St, near Barkly St. So part of group of buildings was a night club. It was quite good from memory, at times. However Mr Payne later stated after he had started to close it all down, 'when the guys begged me to open something like Mandate, what they didn't say, is that they only wanted to go out once every three months'.

But it was a good time. We lived quite close by and it was only a short stagger to get home.

I have just found some advertising related to it. Two tickets to the Laneway Club, dated 25th and 27th March, 1997. A movie program for Martin St Cinema and Bar. A freebie to see Melrose Place on a big screen. A flyer for Laneway Grooming Salon. $10 entry to Laneway Club. Who remembers the train carriage inside? Wood fired pizza at The Duke along with pasta night, darts, bingo, trivia, fish and chips night. A venue preview invitation. New Year's Eve Recovery Party (ouch, I remember that NYE too well). Buddies night at the sauna, two for one entry.

Lastly there was an apology letter from Ken Payne over some now forgotten complaint I had made.

It was a grand visionary devolopment, that failed because it was not profitable.

Blogger nerds

Not me of course, but arne't you bloggers all nerds? You sit at your pc and write stuff that you think may be interesting to someone else or perhaps it is a substitution for masturbation. I have news for you. You are a nerd, but why don't you post stuff to your blog at weekends?

Oh, too busy are you. (American readers, it is called irony)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Blog is Art

As mentioned in the past, I think, I consider blogs to be public performance art. If your posted art generates many thoughtful, well written, vexed, approving, go for it, you asshole, responses, then I think you have succeeded in your role as a creator of public performance art.

It would seem M!key succeeded extremely well on what I think is a sensitive and mostly directly unspoken issue, that is overweight people. He titled it Why I am a Callous Bastard. I might just call it the Fat Chicks post, or The Perils of Net Dating. It is well worth a read, especially the comments.

Here is the link and the comments that followed.

Oven, fridge and beetroot

While dutifully cleaning the inside of the oven door, the inner glass fell out of position. Replacement cost and service call, $262. It can stay dirty in future. I was slightly mollified by a gorgeous and extremely personable service man. However, he could not comfort me in the manner I would have liked.

I also asked the service bloke's opinion of our noisy and running too much fridge. It came with the apartment, so it would be six years old. He pulled it out, listened, felt the temperature of the compressor and explained in very succinct manner. It is fucked he said. So it looks like we will have to buy a new one in the next couple of years.

In two years, three calls for the dishwasher before we gave up and bought a new one. One call for the stove top, burnt wiring. Fridge is no good. One call for the oven. All appliances courtesy Central Equity and their subsidary Melbourne Inner City Management.

Pity they didn't make these things strong like our beetroot container which is a well over twenty year old ice cream container. Alas a crack has appeared in the lid of that too. Place is falling apart.

Paper Clip

What has R done to Microbloat Word? That blasted grinning and floating paper clip has returned after an absence of of a couple of years. Can I live with it, or will I have to find out again how to switch it off?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Go Away

I can't remember how I discovered the on line street directory but once I did, I fell in love with it. As well as Melbourne, there are maps of other capital cities of varying quality.

It worked fast and well, but it is not any longer. It is your fault I suspect. You too have found it now and made it too busy and slow. I have had revert to the hard copy version as it is quicker to get it out and check what I need to know, especially during the day. Now you get your old and battered Melways out and leave the online directory to me. (no link) Oh, and I hope you are not one of the cheap misfortunates who has a UBD or a Gregorys, in Melbourne at least.


I am the not so proud possesor of a bike. All I am saying at this stage is it did not cost me anything, it has one flat perished tyer and one worn out tyre and sticky brake cables. As I hung it on a hook in the bike room, I noticed how shabby it was compard to the others. But that is ok. I will see if I like the bike riding thing before committing many dollars.

Monday, October 24, 2005


There is a state government initiative underway to directly tax each commercial car space in Melbourne. As I have mentioned in the past, Melbourne is a very vauge term. I assumed it applied to the City of Melbourne area although I did hear it included St Kilda Road. Surely not our part, the City of Port Phillip.

It would seem it does. Since we only own private car spaces for our own use, we are exempt from any charge, but still we are required to register our car spaces, under penalty for failing to do so of $6000.

Call me cynical, but I can only think that the reason we must register is if in the future we may rent out out car spaces and so be liable for the tax.

I really would adjust my mind to a bit better if I thought the car park tax was a good idea. But it is not. It is stupid. If you are idiotic enough to want to drive to the city, (not inclucding though the city) then tax that, as in London. I believe it has made a huge difference there with a very significant reduction in city traffic and much faster bus services.

PS R says that the private car park thing may have been dropped. I have yet to verify this.

Bali Memorial

This is a pic of the Bali Bomb Victim's Memorial in Lincoln Square Park, Carlton.

It is a bit hard to 'feel' anything during the day and as well as looking much prettier at night, I think you may appreciate the solemnity of it a little more.

Each Australian vicitm who died is represented by a water jet. On each annual anniversary, the jets will receed for the day.

In the central area lights are set into the concrete to represent all of the victims, not just the Australians. While I had a rant about the skateboarders there some time ago, there are measures in place to make them desist. They need to fully realize it is a memorial. Not a bad effort eventually by the Melbourne City Council.