Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yahoo and Tripod botheration

For many years I have run a yahoo group. It is popular and while there is not a lot I do right in life, I run this group as a very tight ship. No spam, no nasty words and a good group of contributors. It would seem yahoo has closed my group down. Well, they did that once before and I recovered, but they have made it harder this time by deleting my email address as well as the deleting the group. Last time they just locked me out of the group. But I had appointed other moderators, so they could put up a message steering people to the new group.

I am not sure that have the energy or interest to do it again. It was fun but perhaps just a bit of history now.

That is not the end of pc/net woes. Today after innocently opening a web page that had some details of two Sydney tram routes, a pop up invited me to install win fixer 2005. I closed it. Firewall asked permission, I said no. It then installed a desktop shortcut and an icon on the right of the task bar. Every restart of the pc, these would reappear. I ran my ad aware program, two different syp bot programs. Nothing would remove it. I cleared caches, temp folders, cookies, ran msconfig/ start up. Still there. Typed it into google and plenty of info there, but too complicated and nothing gauranteed to remove it.

Last resort, install it and hope it comes with an uninstall program or at least shows in windows uninstall. Yep, that worked. Last time I open a Tripod hosted web site.

All that before 9.30 in the morning.

The world stops at Paramatta

AFTER a two-month delay and a hail of criticism from motorists and city residents, Sydney's newest toll road, the Cross City Tunnel, will finally open tomorrow.
The tunnel is the first cashless tunnel tollway in the world and will be closely watched for teething problems.

We in Melbourne know differently. Amusingly, one Sydney newspaper seems very supportive, while the other informs it's readers of ways to dodge paying the toll.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Drivers, Racist, ageist, sexist

The subject line warned you. Read no further, lest you be offended.

I spend a lot more time driving than I would like to. But I do notice things. While anecdotal I suppose, this comes from a very long period of observing and being affected by how motorists drive their vehicles and of course there are exceptions but I stand by my observations.

Best Drivers: Young Aussie males. There seem aware of everything around them and have a good idea of the impact their driving has on other vehicles and they concentrate. They do silly stuff at times, but it is rare for them to inconvenience another driver.

Most Frightening: Young Aussie females. Aggressive, maybe ok at steering but insulated from everything. They are too busy chatting on their phone and putting on lipstick and quite oblivious to the world around them. They may answer to a question, 'What other vehicles on the road. I did not notice any.' Not do they notice pedestrians as they push through them. When Helen Ready sang 'I am woman, hear me strong', I don't think it gave the girls such a license to drive so badly and inconsiderately.

Most Frustrating: Young Asian females. So careful, so frightened, brake if a leaf rustles on a tree. Yes, driving is a priveledge, but you need to excersise it and actually drive. There is a pedal on the right, the accelerator. Give it a moderate push when the lights go green.

Most Arrogant: Live in Malvern, Hawthorn, Kew and Camberwell. Mostly drive 4wd or Euro cars. Very aggressive driving to the point where sometimes they are dangerous to life and limb of other road uses. The law is the only thing that stops them driving over the top of other cars, but that is about all it stops them doing. They can also be among the very distracted if they are blonde and female and have just picked up their kiddies from their private schools.

Most Shake Your Head and Wonder: Jews in the Caulfied/Balaclava area. I would not say they are dangerous as they are quite predictable. See the full beard or the scarf over the head and be alert. Sadly, this describes many of the younger ones. The older ones are such incompetent drivers, they should have their licenses taken away. What paper work for the police if they ever chose to drive along Carlisle Street. They don't.

Old: Mixed here, some are ok, some are not and some improvement as many older women have driven all their lives now.

Generally: Asian and Jewish and old are very frustrating motorists but rarely dangerous. 4wd folk are the sort of people who make communism look attractive, but if you see a young blond female with a P plate, turn off the road and get away from her.

Looking good

I am going to buy these jeans and I will look this good, top off on the dance floor at The Market.
Actually, I don't like the look at all. He looks like he could give birth with those hips.


Your Tasmanian conservationist knows it.
Your local politician knows it.
Your grandmother knows it.
Your crochet circle in Wagga Wagga know it.
Your gay boy in Oxford St knows it.
And your jackaroo in Longreach knows it.

They all know that a web address starts with www.

Slowly advertisers are realising this and for a snappy address, they drop the www. Thank god. At last.

If you don't know by now that a web address may need a www, then you are just too detached from this earth.

Now who was that clever person who chose the only multi syllable letter in the alphabet to use for web addresses?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Building manager's wife

The building manager's wife who does the cleaning for our building is totally gorgeous. She is about my age.......never mind, but slim, trim, attractive and she is such a fag hag. She has casually invited us for drinks at her and her husbands place, but never followed through. She has casually suggested that she and I should go off for coffee together, yep, that would be great, we will do that, but never followed through. When R and I were bashing off to Brunswick St for lunch and some quality time together, she said, 'Can I come? It sounds like fun.'

I mentioned to her that I have a week of rdo's next week and she said that we should go to the movies. Hmmm, I like to see movies with R. He is tolerant up to point as to what weird movie I might want to see. Upon recommendations, I probably would like to see the latest kung fu movie and the latest aussie movie. R has expressed disinterst in the kung fu movie and I don't imagine it would apppeal to H. So that leaves the Aussie movie. Maybe I can go and see it with H, and then later say it was so good, you should come and see it R, I don't mind seeing it again.

Maybe I should just ask H what she would like to see?

Or maybe I should not get so friendly with the building manager's wife?

"It will end in tears", is the refrain I often hear. But then it always has.

Perhaps I should just invite her to lunch in Brunswick St.

Yeah, c'mon H. Grab a tram ticket and let's go off for lunch together.

Famous bearded resident

Day off today. Appointment at Alfred at 8.30. Bleary eyed at 7.00 I switch on pc and a friend has sent me an article that was published in today's Herald Sun about our famous bearded resident. It is surprisingly accurate. They must have a good source, and no, it was not me. The resident quoted as not being able to have her window open, was very distressed at the time about the issue. I saw her smoke filled apartment and it all occupied a lot of the body corporate committee's time last year.

I walked through Fawkner Park to the Alfred answering sms that are arriving about the article.

Home by nine and the media are camped out the front. Spend some time in foyer with the building manager's wife watching which residents they would try to inteview. The especially targeted older females and males in suits. They ignored Asians and younger, less well dressed.

The famous one came down and conducted an interview in the foyer, channel seven news tonight I guess.

'Exclusive St Kilda Rd tower'. Now that can't harm the property values at all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Muslims in Oz

I don't think much of the Muslim religion, it seems too strict to me, too prescriptive and it certainly seems to attract zealots and folk with unreasonable passion. I think the women covering their heads, or even worse, is a bit creepy.

But I can live with all that. Not my business.

But I learnt something last night. Woman can't have physical contact with a male. (Does it make a difference if he is gay and he thinks her husband is hot?)

So, you cannot shake hands with a Moslem woman. Yeah, well, when I was growning up, women only ever shook hands with other women, not with men. That has changed up to a point. Seems to be done in professional circles.

But what truly scared me was the giving of change in a shop. It never occured to me. No doubt Moslem women make an effort to be served by women in shops, but at times it must be unavoidable, maybe at a service station, somewhere I am sure. No physical contact with men, that includes touching when giving change.

Yet, I have known quite a few Muslim guys, a couple intimately. While I think their surgeons may have been a bit too severe with their knives, they behaved like any other male. Although unfortunately the body builder/wrestler one, I only met just before Ramadam, so that went nowhere, as I was onto something else by the time that had passed.

I am afraid I will remain suspicious and uncomfortable around obvious Moslem women. I wish I could be more tolerant, but I cannot.

Local Park

It is called Bowen Park and it is very close to where we live. It was not much of park before it was renovated but we did not really need a desert near us. Council assured us that it would look a picture in time. I am not covinced that sand is going to ever be anything else but sand. However, the pokers do make a nice show.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Uncle again

It is quite a while since I have been a new uncle, but I think within a year, my sister will have a baby. The father has been described to me, second hand. An ageing hippy sounds ok as a father of nephew/niece I suppose. He is only a donor and won't make claims.

I am not sure how my mother will cope with this. My advice to my sister was to discuss it with her first. My mother is totally giddy on a day to day basis, but really she is very wise. I hope my sister does discuss it with her first and not present it as a fait accompli. There will be some excitement in the family in the future, that is for sure.


I want a bicycle. I want to ride with the breeze in my hair. I want to get quickly to places without being dependant on a car or public transport. I want the excersice. I want to feel a part of a minority. I can even put up with my hair being totally spoiled by a bike helmet.

Yes, I need a bike.........a pushy.

My Dad made me a bike. He found an old frame, had it spray painted, added some smart slick wheels and a Sturmey Archer 3 speed gear box and a front brake. It was a Healing racing frame and the tyers were racing tyers.

Modern bikes have totally different gears and I don't understand them at all. I think the chain changes cogs on the wheel, but not sure. It seems very imprecise.

My bike had front brakes worked from the hand bar and back brakes worked from reversing the pedals. I think it was a drum brake in the back axel.

I paid for the lighting myself. But never used it. It was too hard pedalling for a dynamo as well as your self.

I am so igonorant, I do not know if there is still such a thing as a boys bike and a girls bike. Is there still a bar on boys and no bar on girls?

I have noticed a lack of mudgaurds on modern bikes. I won't even mention the lack of stretchy things over the wheels to stop your skirt being caught up.

I think I need mudguards. I don't want water/mud splashed up my ass in a line like I see so many.

Yeah, I will put a notice on the board. Bike wanted, working condition, less than $200. I just know I am going to make a fool of myself at some point. Help me please?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Melbourne Bus Link

Some time ago, I emailed Melbourne Bus Link suggesting that they publish at the least an online timetable for the 216, 219 and 220 routes that would cover the common part of the routes that these buses cover. You know, if I want to catch a bus at night or Sunday from the City to St Kilda Rd, I don't want to have wait for too long and it takes forever to check the three different timetables. The common part of the route is from the top of the city to Williams Road in Prahran. I received a pleasant email back from someone at MBL who thought it was a good idea and he would pass the info on to Metlink who publish the online timetable.

I did not trust his words, so I separetaly emailed MetLink this week, and they must have forwarded it on to MBL. I received an email from MBL thanking me for the suggestion of a great idea and wondering why they had not thought of it and would pass it on to Metlink for discussion.

I don't think I am going to get anywhere with this one. Perhaps I will just get hard copies of the timetables.