Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy Hiroshima Day

Subject line is poor taste, I know. I could not help myself. But this is serious. Today is the 60th anniversary of the dropping of an atom bomb on Hiroshima. The best that can be said is that it was unfortunate and regrettable. From what I understand, it may have moved the surrender of Japan forward by a few weeks. Perhaps. Opinions vary. I shall sit on the fence as usual.

A few weeks ago someone in a yahoo group posted a link to a webcam in Hiroshima. It is a controllable cam, so I had a play with it. I could see trams running, a park, traffic, a river and this odd but elegant structure pictured here. I emailed this still to my friend in Japan and she told me that it is called the A Dome. It was directly under the bomb as it exploded and most of the force went outwards and not directly down. The building survived and is now a memorial to that terrible day in Japan.
Click on it for a better sized pic.

The shredder

It was not my idea to buy a paper shredder. I am not hung up on privacy in some ways. I don't care who sees the few cents in my bank account etc etc.

But a paper shredder we have and it is great fun to shove paper into it.

Over the last maybe five days, we have filled it. All those glossy ads that come with bills have gone in, the envelopes, bits of note paper, atm receipts when I have done with them. Yep, I really like the shredder.

Best part is that all these bits of paper used to go into the rubbish bin and hence land fill, now they go down the 'paper recyling chute' and may turn up back in our home as a cereal box.

That has got to be good. But I must say, I am astonsished at the quantity of what used to go in the bin that is now recyled. Truly amazing.

Friday, August 05, 2005


All my fellow bloggers seem to gone all soppy and romantic. AFE, DS, Random.

Ok, I'll have a go.

C'mon Daniel and Andy. You have a go too.

I am much better at self control now. I would never get into this situation nowdays. Some cruel person may say, well it is unlikely you will have the opportunity. No matter. I don't look for it nowdays nor create the opportunities.

It was New Year's Eve. I knew him already, but not well. I was fascinated and intrigued by him. It was after midnight at the Peel. I had done the b/f kissing and the friends kissing. I had drifted away. I saw him, but did not look at him. I knew he saw me. He was in a suit and looked so handsome. His hair was just right, his clothes, he had presence. He looked masculine and assertive. So classy but there was also a don't mess with me look about him.

From the corners of my eyes I could see him coming over. I ignored him. I watched the guys dancing. Hello, he said. Hi, I said. He wasted no more time. He kissed me. All the cliches happened, the stars in the sky, the weak feeling, the melting feeling, the incredible desire for him.

I have never seen this happen anywhere, but the dancefloor stopped and watched, well half of it that could see us.

I had schemed and calculated and it paid off. It was a magical moment, but sorry, better get back to my friends and b/f. And I did as my b/f and friends are the most important things in my life, this was just a bit of fun. I am always susceptible to flattery and attention.

Note, this is pulic writing, not private.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ahead of my time

It would be very rare for me to be ahead of the times, so I was surprised to learn from two different sources today that movies are not delivered to cinemas as a digital file over the net. Nope, they still carry the cans around. It will happen of course, I am just surprised that it has not as yet.

It will save the movie distributors and studios millions of dollars, so they are being called on to pay for the equipment upgrade that will be required in the movie theatres.

Sadly, it will probably another blow to the independent movie theatres.

While it is pretty obvious to me whether something has filmed on video tape or film, I wonder if there will be a difference in reproduction between digital and film? Music wise I can't tell the difference between analogue or digital. What if it is filmed digitally? I will kinda miss the occasional bit of dust on the movie screen though.


Dutiful readers, skip this one if you are not interested in high rise apartments. No one can ignore the Eureka development that has risen on Melbourne's skyline. Although far from finished, people are living there already up to around the fortieth floor or the 85 or so floors.

It is not without it's problems though. I understand one of the lift shafts is badly twisted and it will cost heaps to rectify. I have looked at Eureka's website and it looks nice enough but not really my type of place.

What I am impressed with is Freshwater Place which sits almost next door to Eureka. It's entrance is right on the river bank, the facilities look great, it has quite a number for staff to look after it, the river views can never be built out. It has a magnificent in house magazine, although I wonder how long that will continue. There is already some conflicts of interest in the management of the building. It is a large development so it will have economies of scale for maintenance. All in all very nice, although I believe it is behind schedule and corners are being cut to get it finished on time. But the price!!!!! $440,000 for what I would call a a studio and only on the third floor. I call it a studio as there is not a proper door to the bedroom, just an opening. For two bedrooms with a view, around $800,000. Of course that is what they are asking, not necessarily selling.

I wonder who could be the buyers of such expensive properties? And are there enough people with that sort of money? Anyway, Ms Freshwater, although you tried to poach our building manager, you cannot have him.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dredging the bay

Reporter: “Minister, the penguins have disappeared, there has not been a fish caught for months, the whales no longer go past the rip entrance, the sea grass beds have died, the coral is almost dead and all the cruise boat operators are bankrupt. How did it go so wrong when your government gave us an assurance that it would not?”

Minister: “Well Maxine, we did exhaustive studies, environmental impact statements and research. I guess there are always unpredictable factors that the government cannot possibly foresee. I will just say this, we will be reviewing our contract with the company concerned and there maybe reparations to be made.”

Reporter: “Minister, do you have anything to say to those who protested against the dredging of the bay to give access to super sized ships?”

Minister: “We as a government will always respect the right of people to protest, however misguided they may be. In this case they were completely wrong, but their right to protest is sacrosanct.”

Reporter: “Minister, how can you say that in the light of what has happened to the bay?”

Minister: “Maxine, are you suggesting that people should not be allowed to protest? We acted in good faith and did exhaustive studies and environmental impact studies.”

Reporter: “Thanks for your time Minister.”

Minister: “Pleasure Maxine.”

I truly hope this bit of silly writing is just that. I am concerned and feel that we should err on the side of caution.


It was in it's prime in January this year. I have had it for two years, but since it's show it has steadily declined and last night it went down the rubbish chute. Click the pic to really see the flowers.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Wars of the World

R insisted we see it. I did not mind really, although a friend on Saturday night had said he did not like it. Check on line for movie times. Jam Factory.....nah, not in the mood. The George.......yeah, that would be ok. Sun in Yarraville, great place, but too late in the day. Crown........hmmmm, could check out the market on the Yarra bank that I have never been to and it is a nice day, so a walk along the river would be nice.

Ok, Village site says, 1.05, 2.20, 5.0o. The 1.05 will do nicely. We checked out the market and walked along the river bank and went in to buy the tickets. What has happened to the 1.05 showing? Only the 2.20 is listed. Double check with ticket seller. Yes, correct, 2,20 is the next screening. I have never found the online info to be inaccurate in the past. It was possible, I suppose, that I made a mistake and read Saturday instead of Sunday or something dumb like that. I don't usually make that sort of error. I normally check and then double check.

So we had a couple of hours to fill in. Something to eat and some very nice coffee (at $3.50 a cup, it should be) filled in an hour.

My usual $5 investment in Kerry's electronic machines returned $80. Then an ice cold gin and tonic at The Pub took us through to the movie time.

The movie was quite good although I could have done without that screaming daughter and the sullen son. I was pleased when he seemed to get killed and also pleased when she got taken up into whatever it was. I thought that was the end of her, alas no, she had more screaming to do yet. Father and mid teenage daughter who was past screaming would have been much better.

It was nice to walk out of the complex into the fresh air and along the Yarra bank. While we waited ten or so minutes for the bus home, we watched the various water craft maneuvering on the river.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was check the Village site. Who the f*** would think that they would be screening a movie at 1.05 am Sunday morning.