Saturday, July 30, 2005

Close enough

Adelaide River, Northern Territory. See the smear in the top right of the picture? Someone had smudged the glass. Yes, thankfully a nice thick, strong and robust non opening window . Do click the pic for more detail.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Staying in tonight

Do not call tonight. Do not drop by. No, I am not going out. It is my favourite tv night. I will watch Peter Cundall's Gardening Australia at 6.30. War veteran, ex-communist, environmentalists, outspoken, down to earth and brave against ABC management. 'And that's your bloomin' lot for the week', and so ends his program each week.

I will half watch the news. I have heard it all day on the radio.

I will watch Stateline to hear about what rapacious developer is about to flatten Queenscliff or argue that Arthur's Seat needs a four lane highway to make it viable.

Dancing with the Stars is a boring, drawn out, amateurish attempt to attract viewers to see celebrities make fools of themselves. Strictly Dancing is fast, slick and and with fantastic dancers. One of the fastest 25 minutes on tv.

It is the night for the last appearance of Amanda Burton as Sam Ryan in Silent Witness. If ever a woman could turn me straight, it would be someone like her. It promises to be an extraordinarily good episode and although the show will continue without her, I doubt I will bother so much with it.

Then Spooks, arguably one of the most tense shows you will see on tv. If up to it's usual standard, it will require full concentration and you may feel a little drained afterwards.

Then maybe I will watch Maxine McKew host Lateline. Maybe. Watching pollies lie, scheme and evade can be a bit of a downer. Oh god, I hope Dolly Downer is not on again.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Responsible recycling

I try to be a responsible recycler, really I do. But I nearly was not when I finished the tub of margarine today. I almost stomped on it and threw it straight in the bin. Turn it over to check the recyling smybol, can't read it. Turn light on, can't read it. Pick up specs, can't read it. Walk to the window, can't read it. Get magnifying glass and I think it was a five, so it goes in the rubbish and not the recycling. They make it hard, very hard.

Then I remember a friend who wants the used containers to give us left over Indian food to take home after he cooks for us. That is true recycling and it may very well go back and forth for years.

Btw, 1,2 and 3 can be recyled.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Of course I had to check

Passed me by

I watched in awe as a friend sent a fax. It is one piece of technology they I never got involved in, apart from occasionally accidently calling a fax number (damn, that just cost 20 cents). On the couple of occasions I have needed to send a fax I gave it R. "Take that to work and fax it will you sweetie".

The other day a friend sent a fax for another friend as I watched. He placed the paper in a kind of tray, pressed some numbers, I assume a telephone number. The machine made some dial up modem type noises and sucked the paper through. I am not quite sure what happpens at other end, except I guess they get a copy of what was put through this machine. I made it wonder about how all those words go down the telephone line. I never wonder about it with email, it just does.

But in the time that my friend spent writing the fax, the time it took to send it, the cost of the call, gee, I could have written two emails, posted to my blog and and watched a video file of Leonal Rivera giving himself some oral satisfaction.

I suppose faxes are slowly dying and fax machines will soon be museum pieces. I won't miss what I never had. I am trying to think of the brand name of a fax machine that was big in the eighties, with lots of tv advertising, but it won't come to me.

Ok, better log off, time to get some metho and get some copies of that St Kilda Rd News Letter roneoed off.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Word play

I read that if you write some text, the human brain can easily read the word as long as the first three signs of the word are right and the last three are right. As you can see from all of this text, it works. You can easily read what I have typed even though I have used this method. Pretty cool huh.

Moon arises in Melbourne's eastern sky