Saturday, July 23, 2005


These two Iranian boys were only teenagers. Who knows if they were gay or just kids mucking around, as they do. Whatever, they did not deserve to be hung.
Pic 1
Pic 2

Friday, July 22, 2005

Government Disasters

Daniel wrote an intersting and heart felt post today and I totally agree with him. The federal minister in charge of the department is Amanda Vandstone. Regardless of politics, she is a reasonably competent politician. I feel much of the blame must be handed back to Ruddock. He, along with Senator Richard Alston, who was responible for media and telecommunications, must surely have been two of the worst ministers in Howard's government. Of course it is Howard who sets the culture and appoints the ministers.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Enoch Powell

In the sixties, British politician Enoch Powell said that because of immigration to England, 'there will be rivers of blood on the streets'. I am not sure if he was talking about the Indian subcontinent or the West Indies immigrants, but I did think that he was talking about the people who came from there.

I didn't think he was talking about their English born children who would turn into suicide bombers.

They have grown up in a priveledged country, not a crap country like Pakistan or Jaimaca.

They are as English as we are Australian, and yet they want to kill their own.

I just do not understand, and as a bleeding heart left liberal, you blokes are turning me into a right winger f*** the poor, the foreign scum, the disabled, the disadvantaged and everything in between. Get up at 5.30 like I do and get a job.

Your taxes at work

Victorians and New South Welsh People significantly subsidise Australia's less populous states. I don't mind that really, although not sure that Queensland is so deserving. After a hard day in parliament, the pollies are entitled to go out onto the balcony and have a drink and smoke. Hi Clare (Andrew waved).

This sunset pic was taken from our table at the gorgeous Deck Bar at the bottom of Mitchell St, Darwin. We had a tour of the parliament and it is a fantastic building but still on a very human scale. As always, click the pic for the full sized pic.

Lotus in bloom

A lotus in Kakada National Park. It was not the real flowering season, so there weren't many out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Como is so nice

As well as being an extremely classy place, the staff are terribly nice at Como Cinema.

Hi mate, how you going?
Fine thanks, you?
Ok. What would you like?
Como red thanks.
How is work?
I am on holidays at the moment, so no work today.
Hey, good luck to you. Bit cold though.
Yeah, but it is ok. I am just back from Darwin.
I see. Hot there hey.
Yes, a bit hot.
What are you seeing?
Oyster Farmer.
Australian movies haven't been very good lately but I think this might be a good one.
Well, I hope it is.
Me too, I am going to see it tomorrow morning.
Here is your change Sir.
Cheers, thanks.

Sadly I think he will be very dissappointed. I watch plenty of Aussie movies and I just cannot work out what is wrong with them. It certainly not a technical thing. The film work is wonderful, the scenery equally. Nothing wrong with the acting or the characters. Perhaps I am very imbueded by American culture. But then I am not a great fan of American stuff. Ah, but I do like British stuff.

Done it again

I constantly embarrass myself, especially with this blogging thing. Now I have made a comment to Connex Whinger and I never thought about the fact that my pic goes along with my post if I log onto to someone's comments as myself. It is so inappropriate. I'll just shoot myself......but busy tomorrow, leave it until the next day. It is your fault AFE for alerting me to him.

Body corp meeting

We are no longer on the body corp committee, so instead we used the time to go to the movies. Who's idea was it to have meetings on a Tuesday night when it is a bit cheaper at the movies? We walked to the Como Cinema and stopped off along the way for our evening meal at La Porchetta but I knew we would not feel like walking home after the movie, so check tram times. Ok, cnr Toorak and Chapel, 8.09, 8.28, 848 etc. We missed the 8.09 but a few minutes and had to wait for what seemed too long. I think a 15 minute service at night might encourage more people to use public transport at night. If the need for exercise and a meal is not included, next time I may take advantage of Como's cheap parking for movie theatre customers.

Upon returning, we almost literally ran into the arms of the body corp manager who had been attending a committee meeting. She seemed so terribly pleased to see us and said that we were very sensible in going to a movie rather than attending a body corp meeting. She was off home for dinner, at such a late hour. I don't envy her job of dealing with committees, tradespeople, residents, etc etc etc.


I like oysters, Kilpatrick or raw. I am not keen on prawns, although I will eat them if there is not anything else. On our magical Darwin Harbour dinner cruise, R did not want his share of oysters, nor did the two old women on our table, so lucky me got all the oysters. Bite them in half get the taste and then they slide down you throat. Sublime to me but horrific to others I think.

Um, yes, just back from seeing the movie Oyster Farmer starring the gorgeous Kerry Armstrong. It was ok, but probably should have waited until it came out on video (or is that dvd now?), and seen The War of the Worlds instead.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I have just finished a marvellous book called Struggletown which I borrowed from the City Library. It is more or less a history of Richmond up until the early 1980s. While it was perhaps written from a left perspective, it does not pull punches on critisising the Labor Party and nor does it glamourise the working class slums that were a feature of Richmond. The corruption of the Labour/DLP controlled council can be seen today in the poor standard of the roads.

It reminded me of when my mother's niece was about to marry Bruno, a Greek guy. The family was horrified, but even worse, the wedding was going to be in North Fitzroy. They would have done well to have bought a few properties in either Richmond or North Fitzroy, and maybe I would be rich today.

Here is something I remember from the book that is not such old history. Where the housing commission flats are now, just south of Victoria St, one person owned three hundred houses there. How did the Housing commission authority pay him, in comparison to individual home owners? They paid him a fair price and ripped off the individual home owners (my words).

Btw, Richmond hill was always expensive. Burnley was also a bit above. In the early nineteen hundreds, there was a Burnley Progress Association. It campaigned for better roads, getting rid of noxious factories and more.

If you are a Richmond resident or a pending one, I do suggest you read the book and know about where you are living.


Yeah, there is a bit of a pic of me now on my page. Boy that was hard work. I could never work with computers. It is fair to tell you regular readers that the pic is ten years ond and I am a couple of kilograms heavier and the intervening ten years have taken their toll. Maybe I will post a recent face pic in the future, not sure. Skander, you will now fully appreciate the difference between a bear and an otter.


It is not often that I bother with qmelb. It is moderated to the degree of boredom. But sometimes I just have to have a go. Read from the bottom. Btw, it was a lovely breakfast with family last Sunday morning.

Whenever I hear political correctness being critisised, I get worried,
Yes, I too remember taunts at school and in later times the word poofta on the street.
But that is history and no relevance in our politically correct times.
I only have to remember back to yesterday, Sunday.
Time line.
8am, sms from sister in law, market cancelled, can we call in and we will go for breakfast.
9am, alert bf and check and find that sis in law and others will arrive at 10am.
10am, sis in law, homophobic brother and two nieces arrive.
11am, go to Freskys in Commercial Road for breakfast.
Six guys arrive and sit next to us and order food.
They looked quite straight, I was not sure about them.
One of them left, and very openly kissed others goodbye.
I don't think my homophobic brother saw it.
But as the guy departed, he called out something like 'you are all f*** pooftas'.
All my family heard it, right down to my 11 year old niece. We all ignored.
I heard Hewitt say it on tv and I heard it from a gay person and I do not like it.
It is a derogatory word used as an insult.
Aborigines can call each other boongs, wogs call each other wogs and among oursleves, maybe we can call each other shirt lifters. But when you do in public, you need to be very careful.
No doubt now Chris, you have me summed up in another derogatory term, a bleeding heart lefty liberal.
Whatever, poofta is still a very offensive word to use around gay guys of my age.

--- In, "chris sloane" <sloaney33@h...> wrote:> Hi All,> > > Well I cant say I am surprised at hearing yet another eyebrow raising > comment to come out of our countries top tennis ace's mouth, however in > defence to Mr Hewitt's case I cant see how this word is offensive anymore, > its a word that I have heard been used by so many gay people in reference to > themselves,> > Were does the political correctness stop??? To be fair Mr Hewitt a member of > his own support team is member of our community and is well known in sports > circles other then tennis, if Mr Hewitt had a problem with gay people why > employ a gay person to rub his legs before a match?> > This word is used in Australian life all the time, in fact only last night > on the 10 network I heard this word used in prime time viewing, the > programme in question was Big Brother but our community shows a great amount > of support for this production so I guess it's ok to use the word POOFTER, > however when a TV programme that's a little less stereotypical to the gay > community hall hell breaks loose. If you were to attend an AFL match, you > would not be able to keep count of how many times this word is used by > spectators and that's in the members.> > I am sorry I really cant see how this word is offensive in 2005 it's used in > our back yard as well, if that's the case I wont no part of cleaning it up> > Regards,> > > Chris Sloane> > >

From: "Kenton Miller" <kenton_miller@h...>> >To:> >Subject: [QueerNews] Anger at gay serve> >Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 07:50:15 +1000> >> >Lleyton is so WestLakes Shore... it's unsurprising that he harborsthis kind> >of language choice...> >Kenton> >> >Anger at gay serve> >Jacqueline Freegard> >Herald Sun, 18jul05> >> >LLEYTON Hewitt has angered gay groups after the tennis ace shouted "Who is> >this poof?" during the weekend's Davis Cup tie against Argentina.> >> >Hewitt let fly after a line call was judged out by Portuguese umpire Carlos> >Ramos.> >> >He then asked match referee Norbert Peick, "Who is this poof?"> >> >Hewitt denied using the word but video replay confirmed he said "poof".> >> >The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby slammed Hewitt, describing his> >comment as malicious, vindictive and offensive.> >> >Spokesman Pete Dillon called on Hewitt to apologise. "Whilst we understand> >the tension in this match and in other sporting events, reverting to this> >sort of unnecessary and vile name calling is entirely inappropriate," he> >said.> >> >

Drive letters

Drive letters

A= Floppy
C= Hard drive
D = CD burner
F = 2nd hard drive

Plug in memory stick

E = Memory stick

Don’t like, no logic.

With trepidation:

A= Floppy
B = Memory stick
C = Hard drive
D = 2nd hard drive
E = CD burner


Monday, July 18, 2005

One of the 'r's

Are there some words that you consistently cannot remember how to spell? One of mine was ‘necessary’, and a couple of years ago I made an effort to remember it and I have not forgotten it.

After two years on the body corp committee of our building, I should be able to spell mantainance but I cannot. Very occasionally I get it right but I really do not know how to spell it. The spell checker is sometimes useful.

But I do know why I have trouble with that word. Maintain is quite different to maintenance. (I actually got it right there). There can’t be many languages in the world that have so many inconsistencies as English. Occasionally I get asked by a workmate who’s first language is not English to explain a word or spelling etc, and sometimes I can only say that there is not a rule or reason, that is just how it is.

In the time I have known R, his spelling has improved immensely, but I feel mine has deteriorated and I really hate miss-spelling words. If I get the spelling right, I can pretend that I am educated.

Then there are typos that I make often. One of them is interesting. No, that is the word, interesting. Almost without fail, it comes out as intersting. I would never write it like that but for some reason when typing, it goes wrong.

Off the cuff, I can’t remember any more words. Do you have any?


What should I do when I come across some pics of a friend that have been published on the web? I have more revealing pics including the money shot, but none of his face were available. I am sure it is him though. I have sat on these pics for a couple of years but for some reason I feel a need to tell him (and of course prove the pics are of him). You will probably sensibly answer, don't worry, don't tell him, not your business. I am not sure why this has come to a head after such a long time. But I really feel like asking him if it is him. Btw, his bod is better now than it was then.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Missed pic

This could have been a pic of a lifetime, except as is often happening, the dial on the camera had been knocked from auto to portrait and I did not notice. I took a better pic ten minutes later but the joey's rear legs were sticking out of the wallaby's pouch, instead of it's head. It is at a bird viewing area off the Arnhem Highway, NT.

Note in the pic the disturbed grass, especially to the left of the wallaby. A wild pig had been having a nice time there. They need to be eradicated now.