Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gay life in Darwin

Although there are plenty of gays in Darwin, they don't seem inclined to support the Mississippi Queen, the only real gay bar. It was a bar at the front connected to an old railway carriage. It is to be, guess, a high rise apartment block. There is another venue called Throb that has gay nights. We did not go, but I did see the ad for the drag queen Clair Martin who was a regular performer. She was dragged up to look like the Clare Martin, NT's Chief Minister. Her looks were quite convincing.

Memory stick

A few weeks ago, R asked me about memory sticks for the pc. I explained as best I knew and he must have been thinking about it as yesterday, along with a paper shredder, we bought a 250mb memory stick. It is a wonderul little thing. I just plugged it in a usb port at the side of the pc and it decided it would be 'e' drive and that was it. It works just like a hard drive. No more backing up stuff on floppies or burning onto cds. Actually, I will still back up on cd every so often. Charles Wright says if you don't have three copies of something, you don't really have it.

I used to use zip disks. They were ok, but eventually something went wrong somewhere, either with the disk or the drive. I remember now I have had two zip drives. History now.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Holiday

Greetings readers.

I fell over during my holiday and instead of a p you may see a colon. Something wierd has happened to my my little right hand finger and doctor is too busy tomorromwto have a look at it.

Update. I did get to see my doctor today and it would seem I have snapped the tendon to my little finger. Australia's medical system worked beautifully. Thanks for your extra efforts Dr BE and the Alfred. I now have a splint on my finger which must stay on for at least four weeks, maybe longer, until the tendon rejoins. Can I go back to work in such a disabled condition? Not sure and still have a week to decide. Maybe I will have to use some of my 1500 hours of sick leave.

I thought I would return from our holiday in Darwin with some absolutely magical unerderstanding of the Australian Aborigine and their problems. But, alas, no. I am more confused and/or doubtful than ever. I won't say more as I was a tourist and the negatives that I saw are what is visible to a tourist. I do have a much greater understanding of their original culture though. I will educate you later.

Even when away I keep with the news, well general Australian and international news. We were in the Darwin Casino having a drink with the o/s rels who happened to be in Darwin at the same time as us when info about the truly terrible bombings in London started to be broadcast on the sports tv screens. The best words I have heard about it, come from Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, both at the time and during today's two minute silence. What are the British born, loved, family guys on, to blow up innocent people? I am keeping in my mind, the death of a relative equals two deaths in your street, five people in your city, ten people in your country, etc etc. My heritage is strongly connected to the UK, so I am feeling very bad about the bombings.

Darwin and the NT is very interesting. Their weather is hideous. How the place functions at all in the summer, I do not know. We quickly dropped our walking/activity speed by 2/3rds in an effort to feel less tired and and stop perspiration. Some highlights later as well. I relished the cold as we stepped out from Melbourne Airport.............for a few minutes. I am such a weather whinger and R has already lectured me about it.

In summary of what we did while away, we saw Katherine's Gouge (sorry, it is the little finger problem), Kakadon't and lots in between these points. We also explored Darwin's tourist sites extensively and spent way too much money. NB I am also a money whinger.

I have already read my site's linked bloggers, and interesting as always chaps. Missed reading you. It is nice to be home.