Friday, June 24, 2005

Yank food

I sometimes catch a bit of American tv, not deliberately, although I have started watching Despotic Houswives, but usually it is just on coz R is watching something. I often hear a reference to macaroni cheese? What on earth is macaroni cheese? Pasta in a cheese sauce?

I do know what a jelly sandwich is, thanks to lots of reading when I was a kid. For a long time I puzzled over how difficult jelly between two slices of bread would be to handle. I wonder what they call jelly?

Do Americans really get their dessert at the same time as their main or before?

I still don't really know what ketchup is. I figure it is tomato sauce, perhaps with something extra in it, like tomatoes. It is only a year ago that I learnt there aren't tomatoes in tomato sauce.

Thanks to UK visitors, I know what a chip butty is. Starch between two slices of starch.

Americans sit down to huge plates of food. I could not imagine eating half of what is on the plate.

They love our Yellow Tail wine. I like the label. I always choose wine by the attractiveness of the label.

I still refuse to call chips, French Fries, no matter how hard the Scottish restaurant tries to make me.

While I realize that there was a bit of bother over hot beverages many years ago in America, and I don't want to start any trouble, they really need to get their coffee act together. They will never be respected by Europeans if they can't make decent coffee. And I will just have a cup of coffee thanks, not a bucket.

Unrelated, but I have had some pretty ordinary cups of coffee out lately and not in any chain place. I must have a good one soon. I must consult DarkSeason' s blog for a good place to have coffee.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That was fun, not!

Get together at Balcalava Hotel for the gang to celebrate the twins, our oldest oldest friends birthday. My latest mate, a working class bloke who is a through and through Labor person, could not contain his glee at the success of Labor in the Northern Territory election. It did not sit well with my other friend, who was a inaugural Liberal Party member of the first NT Parliament. You could have cut the air with a knife. I, being a communist, remained above all that silly political stuff.


"Mama, I'm hungry."
"Here is some dried fish Junichiro, now shut up and get back to your studies."
"It's not whale meat is it Mama?"
"No Junichiro, it isn't. We aren't allowed to catch whales to eat."
"But Mama, we sometimes have whale meat."
"That is just stuff that has been left over after our country has done some scientific research on whales, or sometimes the whales accidently get in the way of a harpoon, so we are allowed to eat it then. Now, please Junichiro, your daddy might actually get home from the office tonight, so get back to your studies."
"Yes Mama."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Grab a parking space in Carlton, if you can

Lord Mayor Cr John So, did you write this tosh? It is in your name and has been published twice in two different newspapers.

Planning Scheme Amendment C106, reduces the number of parking spaces required in new houses, apartments and student accommodation buildings, reflecting the low car-ownership levels in these types of buildings. (So far, so good So)

On-site parking reduces the demand for on street parking. This change with therefore increase the availability of on-street parking for residents and visitors.


Mr Myer

Dear Mr Myer. I like my new set of towels very much. It is such a shame the bath mat became unhinged at the edge. Thank you for cheerfully replacing it, with an apology and without a fuss. Perhaps this general attitude could be implemented in your Coles supermarkets when the troublesome customer wants something faulty replaced or some small recognition and compensation for being overcharged. Oh yes, we win eventually, but it is always a battle and we the customer ends up feeling we are being unreasonable.

Monday, June 20, 2005


Melbourne's traffic does not move very well on a Friday evening. I wonder if there might be an alternative? What if you put all these people in their individual cars into one big vehicle? It might be faster and much less stressful and think of the resources that might be saved, never mind less pollution. Yeah, I should patent this idea. Just have to think of name for this big vehicle.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Offending English and South Africans

I read a report of a book about English immigrants to Australia. The ten pound poms they were called. One woman said yes, we did whinge, we were whinging poms, but we were so unhappy to begin with.

I love stereotypes, and grasp at any information that reinforces them. But truly, I don't take this too seriously. Bear that in mind as your continue to read.

I saw Herald Sun right wing thunderer Andrew Bolt on tele a week or so ago. Did I detect an accent? South African? A Boer?

Ah, now I understand.


A few months ago I became aware of the importance of screen resolution when I could not see part of a pic posted on someone's blog. Like many things, I gave the matter some careful consideration for a few months (read, I couldn't be bothered). Ours is set on 800 x 600 pixels. I played and yes, I can see more on the screen with a higher resolution. But, while it is fine for R who can't even read the screen without glasses, I don't need glasses to read the screen. But if I set it to a higher resolution and everything is smaller, then I do need specs to read the screen. Very inconvenient so it will stay where it is for a bit longer. Though I must say, it looks much nicer with a higher resolution.

Copper chopper

The police helicopter flew quite close last night. I grabbed the camera and took three pics and as I came back inside, I said to R, I think I have just taken three pics of a white dot on a black background.