Friday, May 20, 2005

Online time wasting

I have had a bit of fun with this game. I managed to find 10 items. From memory there are 13 or 14 needed to get out of the room. Only 4,000 people around the world have succeeded. If you get more than ten, let me in on the secret.;p/youxi/images/04042203.swf

Good luck babe

As a gay male, I compelled to like Kylie Minogue and I am not particularly happy about this gay icon business and I think I could write a very long derogatory post on the whole gay icon business.

However, it just so happens I do like Kylie, so good luck budgie.

A boy and his toys

This was not a set up pic. I got up ready to go to bed and realised how many electrics I had used in a hour or so.

Top left is the phone. It is not that old and it works well and has many features that I like, but it is an ugly beast and is to be replaced my something swish and stylish.

Right is the video remote. It has been flung on the floor a few times by somebody because it won't work unless you are directly in front of the video machine, and even then it is not very responsive.

Bottom left is the tv remote. Our old tv packed up just after we moved here and had to buy one in a hurry. That is after spending a couple of hundred bucks on it a year earlier. I have learnt that lesson. We live in a disposable society.

The next one along is the remote for our extremely modest sound system. I can't say I often get ripped off, but we did when we bought that. A month after we bought it, the price had dropped $200. Not much if you are talking thousands, but I think it cost about $500.

My mobile. I didn't use it to call, but just to get a number to call on the land line. I love my mobile, but miss Tetris that was on my old one.

The air con remote is the last, apart from dirty socks and my work book. It was the first time I had put the heating on I think.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kiss me

No names, but I have been kissed by straight guys before, but in a pleasant flirtatious way and no problem with that.

But this was a bit over the top. When seeing off R's o/s rels on Anzac Day, that is the straight couple from Jersey, I offered a hug and then he kissed me on the cheek. No, not a peck or a touch of the cheek. A suck in kiss. Eeeek. And equally bothering is that when we first met her, she kissed me on the lips. Nah, not on. Cheek peck for friends. Lips for people you know intimately. But even that doesn't really work either as some friends I kiss on the lips. I am confused.

I have got quite modern and hip. I will kiss anyone anywhere almost. But less half the time does it feel natural and when it does feel natural, it is a very thing.

I am reminded of an English tv series when a visiting cousin from the US met her English aunt, and the aunt said, "We're English, we don't kiss". Perhaps my antecedents are very dominant.

I do like the modern hug though, so long as it is brief, except, please don't squash whatever might be in my top pocket and if you are female, can you kinda keep your bossom out of the way. Nah, that is physically impossible in a hug situation, isn't it.

Ah, bugger it. Can't we go back to shaking hands with men, kissing women you know well, otherwise, just touching their hand? Bloody faggots and foreigners, they have mucked up all this kissing business.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Raspberry jam

Or is it quince? No. Ummmm, blueberry? Ah, I know Blackberry. I am so excited about Blackberry, even though I don't really know what it is, but I think I must have one. I think you can telephone people, send emails, cruise the web, probably it is an address book too.

Yes, that is what I need. Then I can be using a computer all day every day no matter where I am. I won't be away from being online when I am at work or when R wants to use the pc. My life will be full, meaningful and complete. Yes. Definitely. I am certain, I think.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Divide by three or alternatively, getting old

Australia is divided into three groups of people. There are those who smugly say, 'oh, I pay my credit card off every month. They never make money from me.'

Then there are those who never pay their credit card off and it troubles them at times, but they laugh it off. They will usually add something like 'money is no use in the bank', or 'I can't take it with me', or my favourite that my step mother uses, 'shrouds dont' have pockets'.

But there is the other third who stay quiet and you can guess they have a credit card debt but they are not going to admit it.

You can only guess which group I fall into but I will tell you I have a smart new black Virgin credit card that takes your existing credit card balance and only charges you around 5% and a low normal interest rate. Do read the fine print though.

To the point now and it is nothing to do with credit cards. Tonight I had a hamburger from Grill'd. Not cheap at $7.90 but it was pretty good. But god, the over the top effusivness, niceness, friendlyness of the staff is quite challenging for an older person like moi.

It is the same with the people at the end of the phone when you ring Virgin Credit Cards. They talk in a really weird way, which I expect that young people would appreciate. It is the same with their written communications. It is very informal. I expected to come across 'bud' somewhere in their writing.

Can't we go back to generally officious and grumpy sales people/staff and when you get one that isn't, it makes your day? Really I would settle for nice pleasant people who just do their job, like I find most staff in restaurants to be. They are paid shit but they are, with the occasional exception, so nice.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Swanston Street

Is it Swanston Street, Swanston Walk or Swanston Street Walk. I dunno. Changed at some point and I forget. It is supposed to be a pedestrian friendly street that runs through the heart of Melbourne. It has trams running along it, delivery vehicles restricted to certain times, tourist buses that pick up and drop off, a taxi rank with restrictions as to where they can enter and exit and between 7pm and maybe 7am private cars are allowed to use it but not to park.

Tonight, Sunday, there were many cars parked. Taxis were lined up where they weren't supposed to be, the tourist buses during the day are downright dangerous, deliveries happen any time. Private cars use it during the day. Any user is only supposed to travel one block, and then exit. This is ignored. It is a total farce.

Since I won't be on the body corporate committee for much longer, I will have more time and mental energy to bother councils about such matters.

Crusade number one. There is one mansion in St Kilda Road that is still privately owned. The owner hates the excessive signage (especially private) in St Kilad Rd, and I am going to assist him to rid the street of it. I will post more about this later.

Crusade number two. Bother City of Melbourne about Swanston Street.

Road Rage

It is usually me mumbling about slow Sunday drivers that switch off their brains on the holy day. But today I did the Sunday driver act........well not really but someone thought I was and it incited them to road rage.

My sister in law and a friend stayed last night after going to Hunchbax Theatre Restaurant. It was a good perve said she. For gays who fequent Commercial Rd, the guy in the big picture in the dental whitening business in Izett Street was one of the performers.

Her friend went home this morning and sis in law was going to the football this afternoon. So we took her to Red Orange for their half price weekend breakfasts, then for a drive around Albert Park Lake to see all the doggies being paraded around the lake. There were thousands of them. Then down to the beach and Beacon Cove and back home through South Melbourne.

I feel a bit sorry for Beacon Cove residents at weekends when they are invaded by tourists and sightseeers, just as we were doing, but that doesn't mean they have to be nasty.

I was driving along westerly through Beacon Cove housing with a Mercedes tailgating me. I ignor behaviour like this. I take no notice, or try not to. I wasn't going unreasonably slowly for a residential area but the Mercedes did not like me slowing down much for speed humps. It was not more than half a metre behind me as I went over the speed humps. Then I did a wicked thing. I stopped at a stop sign, as I do normally, traffic coming or not. Well this was one helluva crime in the Mercedes eyes. She blasted me with her horn. I could not help but look in the mirror then. She was 40, big blonde hair and she threw her hands in the air and made like tearing her hair out. I turned into the single lane road that had wide bike lane and accelerated to the speed limit and she roared past me on the left with barely a couple centimetres to spare and then swung in hard almost clipping the front of my car.

Unlike Andy, I did not persue her. The whole thing amused me immensly. I only wish I had slowed to a crawl when she was trapped behind and tempt her to ram me and she could see how tenacious I would be over legal action. It would be worth taking a second mortgage to fund a legal action.