Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another native bird

My stepfather is truly amazing with all creatures great and small. He can have a wild cat curled up on his lap in 15 minutes. Although this bird is a bit tame already, I have seen him have wild birds eating from his hand and another time, a wild possum sitting on his shoulder.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Not a pic of cockatoos

A flock of sulphur crested (white) cockatoos landed on the roof of the building next door. Between me pressing down the shutter on the camera and the camera reacting, they flew away. So this is not a picture of cockatoos.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Australian passport

You have one? Great. It is the lucky country. You are now one of us. So they tell us.

Did you come from overseas? You not white? You have a mental illiness? You gave a false name? You were injured in car accident? You don't have a broad aussie accent?

Be careful my friend. Maybe we will think you are not Australian and send you back from where you came. Disturbing business. If you don't know what I am talking about, check Thursday's Age.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The vase

See, it is a vase. The orchids have now faded to almost brown.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


As I am a temporary widow(er), I thought I could not miss the invitation to dinner at Southbank. After dinner, I ended up at the western end of the well known glittering palace that takes your money from you. Funny how people choose to be in a place that makes them look thoroughly miserable instead of enjoying themselves. Half an hour is about all I can stand of the noise and flashing lights. I can understand how flashing lights can trigger epileptic fits. Perhaps they accounted for my mind state later.

Time to go home. Normally I would walk to back to Queensbridge St and catch the tram or bus home. It is a bit of a walk, but usually pleasant along the river bank. Nope, not tonight. I will try something different. Catch the tram along Clarendon St and walk home along Albert Rd. A ten minute wait and the tram arrived with it's usual load of St Kilda weirdos.

Alight at Albert Rd and start walking along the footpath that runs along the edge of Albert Park. It was very dark and although I partly grew up in the country, I am now not used to a lack of outside lighting. I felt uneasy.

I walked briskly and I started thinking, what am I doing walking along here in dark? Why am I alone? Why didn't I get a lift home from the people I dined with? (Actually, I would have, but I would have felt obliged to invite them in for coffee, and I just didn't feel like it) Why didn't I just drive to the casino like everyone else does? I could have at least got a cab home. I almost felt as if I was observing myself and I was not pleased with what I saw. Why are you Mr Andrew, an over forty year old, full time employed male, in a happy relationship, walking along here in the dark in the middle of the night (Well, it was just after eight).

It was a fifteen minute walk and once home, warm in my four walled security blanket, I felt a bit better. I normally try to avoid the phone, but I felt the need for conversation and so called my mother to wish her happy mother's day for yesterday, my sister in law to check what time she is arriving to stay on Saturday night, my sister to find out why she is in Perth and has been texting R who is also there when she is supposed to be in Geelong teaching, and a friend to talk about the rural fire brigade, old cars, his ailments, the weather etc etc.

Don't think I would be very good at living alone. I did once for a couple of months when I was twenty. I need the reality check of having someone around. R is back next Saturday evening and after having two days off work, getting up at six tomorrow will be a very sharp reality check.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Terrible skin disease

Ok, I am exaggerating. But I had developed an underarm rash. I mentioned it to my mother and she immediately asked what deodorant (I want to put a 'u' in there, but if I do, the word won't look right) I use. Rexona for MEN I replied. None of that girlie smelly stuff or atmosphere destroying sprays.

She suggested I try Mitchum. I went without using deodourant (see, it doesn't look right) for a few days but my neck started aching from bending to self conciously sniff my armpits. But yes, the rash disappeared.

Today I bought some Mitchum SPORT. I now smell like a cross between what I remember a pink musk stick smelt like and Johnstone's baby talc.

As an aside, I don't mind the smell of fresh sweat, but stale is horrible.

I wonder if a search engine will pick up the highlighted men and sport and get me lots of readers.

Hot air

It was about 200 metres away. I waved and someone waved back. It was 5 degrees outside. Brrrr. Click the pic for a bigger view.

Some links

I spend too much time at the pc, probably. I come across all sorts of sites. Here are few that have occupied me lately.

Useful while R is away in Perth.

I find location webcams interesting, especially now as they have started streaming rather than a regular update. This one is my absolute fave.

By the time I get the street directory out, find the page etc, it is quicker to look it up online and more up to date.

This used to be one of my favourite sites but alas, it has gone. If anyone knows of a similar site, please let me know.

This is one vicious drag queen, but she is quite amusing.

I always like to keep up with what is selling in our area.

I check tram, train and bus times at

To check on progress of inbound and outbound flights when someone is air travelling.

What is that boat out in the bay?

To how rich we are or not

To see how poor our country is

To check one of my eight yahoo email addresses (excessive, I know, but only one is in regular use)

Lastly, the newspaper online. I still buy three papers a week though.