Friday, April 22, 2005

The boss man won

We have decided to bow out very gracefully from the body corp committee. It is not because we don't care about where we live. It is only about one person on the committee who has put us in this position. He is an ex school teacher and I have had quite a bit of experience with school teachers. I have known many, even my sister is one.

Wwithout exception, school teachers are different people. They need to know that their authority does not extend beyond the classroom. They do know it really, but they cannot help themselves. It is their nature.

Bang bang, I shot him down. Bang bang, he hit the ground

In the state of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia, Dominion of United Kingdom, three people were shot dead this week. You cannot shoot anyone if you don't have a gun. As a kiddie, there were plenty of guns around. We were taught not to carry them loaded, always point them down to the ground, be careful when going through fences, have them ready but the safety catch on.

Never thought much about them until multiple shootings happened in Australia.

But now, there are many guns it would seem. Pop, you're dead. So easy.

Politicians have banned, restricted, made tests to own, etc etc. But still, I don't like you anymore, bang bang.

Once again Mr J Howard and with the support of all politicians has pulled the wool over the population's eyes with his firearm bans.

Clown Hall

I don't like using that expression. It denigrates the councillors who volunteer their time for small reward and the many hard working and conscientious council staff.


Twice a day, most days, I travel past the Lincoln Square gardens in Swanston St, Melbourne. The square was looking a little shabby and did need a renovation and the city council went into action last year. It was progressing well, and then someone decided where the fountain in the centre was located, that it would make a lovely place for a memorial to the Bali bomb victims.

It is a nice idea, I think, and slowly it took shape, although the very centre piece remained hidden to the public. Some trees were removed, others planted, areas paved, walls built and I like what I was seeing. I liked what I was seeing, but still the centre remained hidden behind a fence.

It was reaching completion before last christmas I think, or it could have been early this year, and I clearly recall thinking how nice the red flax with yuccas looked. I have resisted buying an overpriced yucca, just because they is fashionable. But in this situation, I think they worked. A further thought occurred to me. How long will they last there? They are so easy to remove, they will be stolen very quickly.

Then, around the same time, I thought, hey, what great skateboard surfaces they have made. They better get those protection strips on very quickly.

Move ahead to school holidays and sure enough, skateboarders everywhere having a fine old time.

Now I am not very bright, but if I can predict what will happen, what can't professionals?

Move to two weeks ago, the yuccas are gone and the walls are very badly chipped from skateboards.

Humble me will suggest that protection strips should have been fitted straight away and when using expensive plants in public areas, wire them down or something similar.

Move to the Herald Sun today and the council has suddenly discovered the damage and the missing plants. Like 40,000 dollars worth. Lord Mayor Councillor John So said it is heartbreaking.

Who are you kidding So? It was a perfectly predictable outcome and someone is responsible and someone should pay. The buck stops with you So.

What they can do to repair it, I am not sure. But I hope they can as it would be such a shame to have a memorial permanently spoilt.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Off with his head

Today I finsihed the last of the easter eggs. I finished off the snout of the bilby and I was pleased that I saved the best chocolate until last.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rich city

I am not going to write what I feel like and slag off the Roman Catholic Church.

Instead, here is something I am very puzzled about. Bette Midler started a project years ago to renovate some of New York's parks. This continues to this day . Tiny ones and large ones alike. Where the city wanted to sell some, she bought them and now owns many. She initially put in her own labour to the project, but now acts more as a publicist. They initially started by removing car bodies from parks

Why can't, arguably I suppose, the richest city in the world not afford to maintain it's public parks and wants to sell off some of them? Truly odd.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Out of my comfort zone

Saturday night drinks at the Dame's then to the Balaclava Hotel for dinner with friends and the o/s rels.

Sunday take them to Williamstown via a very circuitous route. We had to go to that large hardware store in Miller's Rd, Altona, on the way and thought, instead of turning left from there and heading to Williamstown, we will go to Sanctuary Lakes.

I rarely watch commercial tv, and so I while I was expecting a pretty little lake surrounded by gardens or in a nice bush settting, R informed me when we were almost there that it was a large housing development with a flooded swamp, ok, wetlands if you insist, in the middle of it.

We drove around it a bit and the houses are huge two story, enviromentally inappropriate monsters with barely room for a blade of grass in the gardens. Why????

The public plantings were very well done and so long as the water is continued to be poured onto them, they will turn out very nicely.

When the builder built our little house in Balaclava in 1890, I doubt he thought it would still be there in 2005 and a testament to his workmanship.

I wonder if it occured to the builders of these places what they would be like in twenty years time? Who would live there? Who would want to? Obviously some people like them now. But then again, maybe I am totally wrong, Melbourne will be so crowded and wow, it is green paradise only around 30 mins from city.

It was good to see the Sanctuary Lakes Railway Station has been built, along with extensive grid of tram lines running to the shopping centre and the railway station and the schools and all the facilities. Well, I did see a large supermarket and bottle shop with a very large carpark.

A late lunch in Williamsown and a walk through the market was a welcome return to civilisation.