Saturday, April 02, 2005

Is that a bulge in my pocket?

My life is not dominated by keys, but by bulky remotes. The top one is the remote for our apartment building. It opens all sorts of doors as well as the main front door and the car park door. I cannot get around the building without it. It is a single open button, the locks re-activate after a few seconds. Attached are the apartment key and the mail box key.

The bottom one is the remote for my car and my car key. The button near the light unlocks the doors and the other locks them. There is also a small button on the side which I have no idea about what it does. The car key only fits the ignition lock as both door locks and the boot lock have had screwdrivers stuck in them by bad bad people who I would stick a screwdriver into. Btw, the buttons glow in the dark. So, nor could I use my car without the remote.

The one to the right is the latest addition. The button near the red light opens the car park gate at work and the other button is a suicide button for when I can't bear work any longer.

Is it any wonder I keep them separate?

Kylie's duds

We had a quick look this morning at Kylie's clothing exhibition at the Arts Centre. It is well worth a look. She must be tiny in real life. There were also lots of photos and awards. It was very well curated and presented.

I haven't been to the Arts Centre for some time and it really sumptuous inside. Perhaps I had never been when it was nearly empty and you can truly appreciate the magnificence.

Next arty thing to check out is the Andy Warhol's Time Capsules at the
National Gallery.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Bad swear word. Not to be used lightly. Well not by me. If I hit my thumb with a hammer, I might say it but it is not part of my normal vocalbury.

But it is heard so often now. In day to day language, on tv, on the street, everywhere. Even the 80 year old Dame Mc of St Kilda has been heard using the word.

I am sure it was a very worthy tv show but it was also a bit too arty for me. It was the early eighties and a play about Aborigines. It was a 'gritty' play, black and white (no pun) but one black fella said fuck. That was the first time I had heard the word on the airwaves and I am really not sure if I have heard it on tv since.


We have been busy the last few Fridays and so not caught Strictly Dancing on ABC TV. We did watch Dancing with the Stars one night just to see a fellow bearded resident and lest I offend, I won't make a comment on his performance.........well, by saying that, I guess I did.

Strictly Dancing is tightly edited, brief enough for no boredom factor to set in.........all in all, very slick and entertaining.

Tonight there was a same sex couple, two guys, who won the Latin and Noveau dance comps at Midsumma. They were fantastic. Congrats to Adam and Alexander. (Do you know them overseas dancer girl?)

By the way, one was gay and the other was straight. It reminds me of the tee shirt slogan, I am not gay, but my boyfriend is.

No sense of humour and an early bloomer

This week, getting up at 5.00am seems to have done in my sense of humour. I cannot recall laughing at anything much the whole week. I wasn't bad yesterday until the ABC news came on last night and the earthquake scenes did me in for the evening. I always bolt from the room when cruelty to animal stories come on tv, maybe I should do the same for human tradgedy stories too.

Tonight I will have a drink and a laugh and a good long sleep........until all of 7.30 when I guess I will wake up. Better than 5.00 though.

Later addition. Well I think I have problems and looks like the pope certainly does, but things are serious in Japan, Cherry blossom early.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tourist in your town

Melbourne town that is. Which one of us local residents has not been to Mt Dandenong? The last time I was there, the building were derilect and boarded up and what remained was very shabby. But when my family, my partner and myself visited on easter Monday, it had been transformed.
Beautiful lawns with tables, nice cafe and restaurants, stunning gardens that are yet to mature but with a great framework, a maze in development. It was magical.
If you want one of the picnic tables, get there by 11.30-12.00. There is a very nice new barbeque too. Telescopes are on order.
Just choose yourself a warm, clear sunny day and go. You won't be sorry.
From there, we went onto Olinda Falls. It was nice to see in spite of the hard walk. Oddly, I have never seen them before. They are not Niagra Falls, but a nice rocky bushy Aussie waterfa

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Idle ships

Perhaps it was Port of Melbourne or perhaps Patrick Stevedoring or perhaps someone else, but it would seem that no one wanted to pay penalty rates to unload ships on easter Monday. So they just bided their time in the bay.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Vale Paul Hester

Crowded House drummer Paul Hester died today. While it is very sad for his family and I am sure many will miss him, I don't know anything about Crowded House or Paul Hester, but so many other Aussies are writing tributes, I thought I better say something.

Hmmm, is this post in bad taste? Sorry.