Saturday, March 26, 2005

You are clever

Well, one of you is. The one who knows exactly how to report faulty street lights. I have a vague recollection of reporting a faulty street light many years ago. I think I rang the SEC, the State Electricity Commission and told them. A day or so later, they came around and fixed it.

For some odd reasons, our local street lights are coming on nearly an hour after it is dark. Also, two of the more prominent ones are out. Who, in these privatised times, is responsible for them? I checked our local power company's website and found nothing there.

I typed Melbourne city street lights into google and nothing useful except for a link at City of Whittlesea for reporting faulty street lights.

That gave me the clue that I should report it to the council. Except our road is a shared council road and the problem street lights are on both sides. Ah well, look at City of Melbourne's website. No obvious link there but there was a contact address, so I did.

I am not holding my breath though. I just hope that as it is such a prominent road, someone in a position to fix it will notice.

There should be something like to report faults.

Consumer lesson #12

The lesson is that if you are not entirely sure about something you are going to buy, buy it from a small retailer where you will sound advice.

I bought a second battery recharger and four rechargeable batteries from a large store within walking distance of home that sells office supplies. They were only alkaline and I knew they were a bit ‘iffy’ for use in a digital camera. But I would have thought that they would last like my old Arlec batteries, some of which are over ten years old.

But no. I eventually established two had failed. The bulging base of them gave me a clue. I could not bother returning them and it is just as well I didn’t as the salesman in Tandy told me that they were only good for about 25 charges. He steered me in the right direction, I hope, and I bought nikel whatever they are called, for twenty dollars for four.

Will see how they go.

I go this way

Councils, planners and designers should always remember to put paths where people are going to walk. How often do you see a lovely curved path that people just don't follow? People will do what people do. It is up to planners of such things to suit the people, not people adapt to what the planners think they should do. To a five year old, it would be obvious what people are going to do here in this pic. How much do these guys/gals get paid?

Mum's birfdy

71 now. Could someone tell her she is supposed to be old now and behave as such. No matter how hard I tried, she always managed to steer the conversation back to medical matters, hers.

I like Melbourne's public transport's commuters attidudes, sullen, don't speak to me, keep the space between us.

But hey, you have not seen my mother on public transport. The first person she sees on boarding will hear a story of how terrified she is of the doors. The next person will hear that she is from the country. The next will hear that her oldest son lives in the city. The next will hear of her youngest son and his wife's and teenage children spendthrift ways. If it was a tram, she will half of the tram engaged and half of that will offer her sympathy or assistance, the other medical diagnosis and referral or even just a chat about their relative who lives in the country.

But in case you think she is an old person who gets on public transport and chats to and bores someone, no, she engages the whole carriage.

Another confession came out tonight. While she and my father were living in a caravan and building their house in downtown South Oakleigh, some of my fathers mates came around and distracted him from his task. My mother's solution was to tell them to go away and reinforce it by throwing potatoes at them. It was only half told.........not sure why she did it.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

What is wrong with me

Why do people bore me so much? Never people I choose to associate with, but the ones you just happen across. Chit chat to the check out chick, conversation to someone in the lift, interaction with waiters, people at work, customers. I am wasting good thinking time talking to you. Go away.

But from these painful contacts with people come friends, people you respect, people you read.........I dunno. You would think at my age, I would have worked this all out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

You are the dancing queen

Well my partner was, at Mamma Mia on Sunday. I resisted easily seeing it when it was on the last time in Melbourne. But I should have gone as it would have only cost me one best seat in the house instead of two.

It was his birthday surprise but he did work it out beforehand as I had to tell him that friends were coming to our place for pre show nibbles and drinks at a particular time and not make any other plans.

While $100 a ticket is a lot, and I can never see the value in these big musical productions as against local theatre productions, it was truly a great show and suggest that if you have not seen it, do so.

Today is his actual birthday and I forgot this morning until he starting singing happy birthday to himself. 'Oh, darling, so sorry', and bolted to get him his already written birthday card.

Then tonight I have a meeting and will only see him briefly after work. Not the best birthday he has had, but I hope I made up for with quantity (cost) rather than quality.

Drinks last night with our dear dyke heart transplant friend from Sydney who has moved back to Melbourne. You would not know anything happened and the offer from her to show us her scars was declined.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Clearing the decks

You can save a blog post for too long and it is no longer topical. My partner's ideal guy is young, slim, hung, blonde and full of cum (ah, now I remember why he liked me). This guy is dark, hairy, not slim, unsure about his 'size' and may like to stay home and watch tv every night instead of hunting for orrifices. But for some odd reason, my partner thinks he is hot. Grand Prix driver Mark Webber.

A new blogger link

I have added the ranting Rebecca to my list of blogs that I always read. Why? Coz I always check it and read it, so it must be good.

You see, you have to be good to be added to my list of blogs I read. No doubt those already there are flattered, and you readers who have a blog and read and comment to mine who aren't think I am a pompous and arrogant git.

My blog list will always be short. Just like the list of my friends. While I do blog (such an ugly word), I don't spend a lot of time on blogs and the ones that grab me, usually have some personal connection, even if I have not met them. Once I am committed to them, I might check a couple of times a day to see if they have written anything new.

For me to add you to my list, your blog must be interesting. But most are. Write about things that I can relate to. Many are. It must be personal, so that I can picture you or at least get an idea of you. I like to hear the bad stuff as well as the good. But, (cliche coming) at the end of the day, it is totally subjective. You just got lucky, or maybe you think unlucky.

Since I was adding someone to the list of my 'approved' bloggers, it suddenly smacked me in the face that there is a common link between them all and me and it is totally unintentional and co-incidental. I have read so many different blogs over years.

So how come every 'approved' blogger and myself are (or were AFE) something to do with public transport?

What a closed shop. I need to get out more.