Saturday, March 12, 2005


You would think after being with someone for twenty six years that you would have had the hard stuff sorted out. Seems not sometimes. Relationships are hard work. Show me the life long devoted couple who have never had issues and I will point you to some liars.

So if you think you have failed in a relationship, don't blame yourself too much, nor the other person. Long term relationships are just hard.....rewarding for sure, but hard. Of course the perfect response is 'well if you love someone.......'.

It is not that easy.

Everything you do will be judged by the other person, every action, right down to the last minute detail.

So before you do anything, absolutlely anything, consider your partner.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Little Britain

It has been on for a while now and seems to have a growing Australian audience. It is being talked about in chat rooms and on the wireless. Friends and we have a laugh at the most shocking of it.

It took me a couple of episodes before I appreciated it.

It is politically incorrect, irreverant and truly revolting at times.

So, if you like seeing a tv show having a go at the disabled, fat people, gays, scrubber teen girls, cross dressers and ethnic minorities, and if you like seeing grown sons sucking on their mother's breasts and mature woman projectile vomitting and old woman talking about butt plugs, do catch Little Britain on your ABC.

Two weeks off work

It was very nice and I did many interesting and varied things. But our place needed a bit of attention. You know, the things that you save up to do when you are on holidays. Below is what I managed to achieve.

Task pending

Cleaned the filters on this

This got some new oil, a filter and spark plugs

These went through the washing machine. One of them talks and strangely still does.

Got a man in to repair this

Only the inside of these were cleaned

Every so often the pics need a clean

This is where the fans exhaust to. It is clean now too

There are three of these and they are all sparkling clean now

There is some intricate carved work on these tables and after a few years of no attention, they were meticulously cleaned.

This is a bathroom privacy lock. There won't be anymore embarrassing interaction between people in the smallest room.While the end result of the installation is fine, everything that could go wrong did, including some operator error.

Both of these were ridiculously close to the floor. Don't know why but I moved them up the wall to a sensible male standing height

I cleaned several of these

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Minor annoyance

It was just a small annoying matter that I had not devoted much time to fixing. When our pc starts, it stops loading and you have to select the user to end the start up. No big deal, can live with it.

But having a little spare time this week, I decided to have a go at making it 'auto log on'. I downloaded tweakuii? from the devil and sure enough, it was easy to instruct the pc to auto logon. But it would only happen for the first restart and subsequently would revert to needing to select a user to logon.

I mentioned this to a friend in passing in an email (hi T) and she kindly put in quite some time finding a solution. It turned out not to be 'system restore' although that was a idea I had not thought of.

She found some info at the devil's knowlege base and it put me in the right area of the pc to solve it.

When logging on, we could choose to logon by my user name or as an administrator. Why it is like that, I don't know. Had I pointed this out to my friend, she might have solved the matter quickly. Anyway, that was how the pc was set up in the shop. I learnt that I could delete all other users, disable the 'guest' and be the sole pc user. Fine.

But to delete the 'administrator' sounded dangerous. Maybe the pc will not even start if the administrator is deleted. How can you use system restore if it won't even start. With much trepidation, I made sure 'show welcome screen' was activated and deleted the administrator. Before doing so, I was asked if I wanted to save the administrator's files. I did not know what files the mysterious person had on our pc, so thought I better save them. God knows where they are saved. For all I knew, they could have been all my files.

Well, close all that. Yes, pc is still working. Here goes a restart, if it will start. Of course it did, or I would not be able to tell the tale just a couple of hours later. And it auto logged on and continues to do so. We have only put up with the multiple log on for a year or so. Should have sorted it earlier.

Broke a record

We cracked a record last night. The body corp committee meeting went for three hours and forty minutes. They should be around one and a half hours I think ideally. However many issues with the management company were sorted out and they brought in their best staff to mollify us and were quite successful. Things at their end are changing.

In case you think there must be something really wrong with the building, there is not. It is because it is pretty well alone in that it has a very active committee who care very much about the building and it's residents and always go through financial accounts with a fine tooth comb.

It is a horrific thought that most large residential developments just let the managing company do what they want, when they want and will skillfully tell you when queried that black is white. They would be gouged mercilessly too.

As a consequence, this building has a terrible reputation as being very difficult for anyone to work in or manage. Mention the name of this building to anyone who professionally has anything to do with it and they will roll their eyes. But it is our home and we protect it and look after it on behalf of all residents.

The motor

My car is in for a service and tune. Any moment now I am expecting a call from the garage with a just discovered problem.

I have been using the same garage for a couple of decades. The owner is very friendly to me and my partner. He enquired this morning if we were still working full time and where we are living. How old does he think we are? I told him and hoping for sympathetic pricing for work done, pointedly metioned that we had a large mortgage to pay. It won't work, I know, but I don't want him to think we are well off enough or old enough to give up work.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Neighbours tv star resident

Well, if we have one in this building, I wouldn't know about it.

However we have one Melbourne footyball identity who bought an apartment for the woman and their son who, no doubt in frustration and a fit of pique, ran over his leg. From my observations of him when he visits the building and seeing him in Clarendon St, she should have run over his head.

Another identity rents a flat here and is known for his beard, his publicly voiced opinions and his lack of dancing skills. He has caused some trouble to the body corporate committee, but now he has bought a flat here as well as renting one and so is entitled to be on the body corp committee. We hope he is too busy to bother. Note, he has just bought a very smart used American car, from perhaps opposite where he works, and he is sometimes OK to drive it......just before lunch I think.

Aren't I a terrible gossip.

Sunday drives are a dying tradition


Today we fled our apartment and the noise of the Grand Prix. We went to an area we had never been to before. We drove to Geelong, turned left and drove.

The first place of interest we came to was Drysdale. Co-incidently a train was getting up it's head of steam. We couldn't resist stopping. Water was being poured in and coal shovelled in. There were maybe 20 passengers ready to ride to Queenscliff on what remains of the
Bellarine Penisular Railway . It was not something I knew anything about, so it was a total surprise. Of course I did some research when I arrived home, and I now know more that I needed to about that train line and it's history along with many other closed railway lines.
The train took off with much hissing of steam, clouds of smoke and clanking of connections.

We journeyed on to a place we can see across the water from our apartment, Portarlington. We had never been there before and given we have been nearly everywhere within a couple of hours drive of Melbourne, it filled in a gap.

We are perhaps more Mornington Penisular types. Well that is what we know and are used to. Our first interest in the seaside area west of Melbourne was stimulated by my sister who lives in Geelong and a couple of friends of moved to the country in that direction.
My sister decided last year that our mother should celebrate her 70th birthday by staying in a cottage where
Seachange was made at Barwon Heads.
A neighbour has a house at Ocean Grove, so we started to learn a bit about the holiday areas west of Melbourne. They all looked very nice.

Portarlington was interesting. We visited an old flour mill which was an absolutely beautiful builing with a varied history since it was built in 1857.
Rule of thumb, when travelling in the country, always eat at an old style bakery, and sure enough, there was one, but it was so busy. We found an alternative bakery and although it looked ok, there was no sign of a coffee machine. We bit the bullet and had a sausage roll and a pie and 'one strong latte and one skinny latte' please. I don't know how they made the coffee, but it was truly awful, as was the pie and the sausage roll.
Across the water we could see Melbourne city. So near, but such a long drive. Pity the boat did not run anymore to transport us. The Edina was the regular ferry years ago. Aside from being the ferry transport and doing time in war zones, it also managed to bust up four different boats....sliced straight through them. We could not pick out our apartment block though but
Eureka Tower was very obvious.

After a look around, we drove along the coast. There are miles and miles of houses along the sea. We went through Indented Head, not Heads as I thought, along to St Leonard. There was a pub with a lovely outdoor sitting area, so I couldn't resist again. Had a beer sitting at an outdoor table overlooking the sea.
Decided that we had had enough then of tourism and head straight back home and arrived just as the grand pricks finished. Perfect timing for siesta.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Last GP photo......promise

The roullettes put on a fine performance for the Aussie Grand Prix.