Saturday, January 22, 2005

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Nothing. When will I learn, control A, control C and your post will be saved and so when you click 'publish' and you get a 'page not found' page, you have not wasted your time.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Woman's fashion tip #2

I won't say woman in high heels look sexy. I don't really have an eye for that. But I will say, they can look very classy. High heels give a very nice line to the leg, extra height and a (usually) elegant walk.

On the downside, they are extremely bad for your feet and your posture. But we all in some way suffer for beauty. Blokes are forced to wear ties to conform to standards, not that the two are quite the same.

Girls, if you are going to wear high heels and suffer for beauty, that is a decision you have made and you must carry it through. While wearing your best suit to work, DO NOT wear your Nikes until you get to work. It looks crap and silly. This goes for guys in suits too for that matter.

If your shoes are that bad, then perhaps it is time to wear something a little more comfortable. How about a nice court shoe?

Woman's fashion tip #1

For as many people as I probably offend here, there will be two who approve.

If you are female and have a nice flat stomach, without too much softness, then yes!!! Show it off with low jeans and high tops.

If you haven't, then forget it. If tempted, just check in a long length mirror before you step out. Check from all angles. Is anything resting on or overhanging the waistband? If you are not 100% sure, then don't do it girl. Just because your boyfriend wouldn't know arse from class, doesn't mean you have to lower yourself to his level. We are all watching and observing and having our own thoughts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Got a spare buck mate?

Nice dinner at Tran Tran in Victoria Street Sunday night and walked the street afterwards. Boy was the street a mess, but not as bad as it will be next Sunday when the lunar new year is celebrated.

I believe there is a window cleaner who works Victoria St, but only every third Thursday afternoon, if required.

Partner and friends decided they needed a gelati, as if they hadn't eaten enough already. Not my favourite thing, so I declined and waited outside. In the couple of minutes they were inside, twice I was asked for money. What is about me? Why am seen as such a soft touch? I need to develop a, 'don't f***ing well speak to me c***', expression I think. Trouble is, they always catch me offguard.

I have never noticed it in Victoria St before, but there did seem to be some open dealing happening and some pretty obvious users around.

It was the quietest I have seen Tran Tran, and many other places were empty, although there were some very full restaurants. I wonder if the the lack of customers for the restaurants and the drug business could be connected. I used to enjoy our strolls down Victoria Street, but I will think twice about it next time.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Not a peaceful park

While driving home from work on Friday, instead of using Queens Rd, I did a de-stress trip along the lake to Albert Rd and I saw a pelican preening itself on the edge of the lake. I am used to the very many different birds there, but I have never seen a pelican before.

So today, we took a walk to the lake to see if it was still there. Doesn’t it sound idyllic? A quiet walk in the park with your loved one looking for pelicans.

Usually I can imagine it is quiet when I am there and cut out the sound of the traffic. But today it was a bit hard as there was some significant doof doof coming from The Point. We heard it as soon as we started walking past MacRob and it grew louder and louder and my anger grew stronger and stronger.

We spied two pelicans on the edge of the pollution control basins and went to where they were, sat down, watched them preening and enjoyed the music. We could see the crowd on the other side of the lake and oddly no one was dancing. Dunno why, the music was great 90s house stuff.

I know it is wrong, but I did give the ducks, swans and cormorants some bread. I have modified to just crumbs nowdays. Btw, this year’s cygnets are quite large now, with bare backs where their adult feathers are about to grow.

I just caught a little tv news tonight before going off to Victoria St for dinner. It was a fund raiser at The Point called House Aid, for tsunami victims.

While I am not sure I approve of doof doof in Albert Park, it was a good cause. Of course, had I not liked the music, I would be on a website looking for ‘contact’ to complain.

Brother's dog Aussie enters the spirit of Christmas and assists giving out gifts. Posted by Hello

Our friend's small cat Adam enjoying an after christmas dinner rest. He didn't eat too much. Posted by Hello