Friday, January 14, 2005

Gaslight Market

The plan was to catch the William St tram into the city and meet friends at corner of Peel and Victoria Sts. We would then go into Queen Victoria Market's night market, Gaslight Market and buy some food from one of the many exotic food stalls and cruise the interesting arts and crafts on display.

But no one told us half of Melbourne had the same idea. There were maybe twenty food outlets, overpriced, and all with queues twenty plus deep. The stalls weren't many and what you see any Sunday at Vic Market. The tables for eating were crowded and filthy. So many people walking around with wine and beer in their hands, screaming kids, pushing and shoving.

Oh well, was a nice idea anyway.

Off to Victoria Street Richmond for some sanity and proper food. As we were walking to our friends car, we happened across a grotty little Indian restaurant at the top of Elizabeth St. We took a chance and sat under the punkah and had a great feed of three curries, rice, samosas, pakoras, nan, raita and a drink for the price of $12 each.

A nice recovery from a disaster.

Seems the Gaslight Market, just like the Transport Bar and the Greyhound Hotel, has become a victim of it's success, for us anyway.

Out and about

Three public transport trips, all one year apart, in no order.

Trip one.

Bus travel in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. An older couple of friends I would guess. Not the sort you would usually imagine on a bus in Elizabeth Bay. Both very plainly dressed. He stared out the window, only occasionally giving acknowledgement of what she had said. She rabbited on non stop in a quite rough sort of voice. They would have been in their sixties. If I had to guess, I would say they would not know how to turn a computer on, but then neither does a friend of ours who uses them all the time.

She said, “and I tried downloading it and nothing. I figured my Adobe was buggered, so I took it to the chink down the road, and he fixed it, no prob. These bloody computers would do an old girl's head in.”

He gruffly said, “Get yourself a new one and stop whingeing. You want to get ‘cable’ anyway.”

We are truly in the computer age.

Trip two.

Both old woman on a Toorak tram but not together.

Woman 1. “Will you stop trying to push me off my seat!”
Woman 2. “ I am not.”
Woman 1. “Yes you are. You are pushing your bag into me to get me to move”.
Woman 2. “ Well you could move a bit and give me more room”.
Woman 1. “ I am 89. I don’t have to move for anyone.”
Woman 2. “ You are very selfish and rude. You should learn some manners.”
Woman 1. “And so should you.”

Peace then reigned. But what hope for the world when two old ladies can’t even get on, or maybe, because of that, there is hope for the world. The tensions will keep it alive.

Trip three.

The truth.

He and she in their early forties, beautifully attired.

He in white slacks, with an oversize white shirt, a heavy tan, slightly bleached blonde hair, a few laugh lines around his eyes, quite handsome in fact.

She also in white. Tight top, exposed midriff, the sort that can be exposed, short white skirt, open high heels, an anklet and some quite flashy bling bling. She too was well tanned and her make up was good, but being a warm night, it had started to bleed a little and she had a good shine.

The guess work.

They had been for dinner in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda and were returning to their boutique hotel in Toorak Road. They enjoyed the first bottle of wine and so unfortunately ordered a second. Just another glass would have been enough.

The truth.

They laughed and joked in the tram. They were the perfect looking couple. They alighted from the tram at Toorak and St Kilda Rd corner. Out of the blue, he gave her a swift backhander across the face. Tears ran down her cheeks. He walked up Toorak Rd and she pathetically walked along several paces behind, not exactly staggering, but wobbling a bit on her heels.

I have no idea what it was about except I think they both had drunk too much.

And lastly, something interesting I have seen from my car………ummm………well, have to think hard about that one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mundane domestics

Well I hope they avoid some mundane domestic stuff. I reckon they do as not long ago, we had to do without one for a few weeks and it was very tiresome.

I am talking about dishwashers. I was thinking about them after a post by Daniel on his blog. He mentioned he might get one in the future.

Anyway, we are on our eighth dishwasher. Here is the most fascinating chronology.

Our first was in a flat in Elwood and we used to wheel it to the sink and plug it onto the tap. It worked well, and we took it to our house in East Malvern where it did the job until we had a new kitchen put in and installed a built in model.

Our next house in Glen Iris had an old clunker and again, when renovating, we put in a new one.

Our next place, a unit in Burwood had one already.

But when our next house in Balaclava badly needed a new kitchen, in went another dishwasher.

Our present apartment had one that came with the building and it was a really el cheapo, only made for high rise apartments. After almost flooding us a few times, we bought a new decent one.

It is Whirlpool, made in Germany and it is marvellous. Truly the best and quietest we have ever had and only cost around $700. I am increasinly pleased with the standard of domestic appliances.

Now what about the el cheapo fridge that came with building..............well, it works (runs excessively and noisily), it will have to do until some money rains from the sky, or I get off my ass and do some overtime.

Male grooming tip #2

When going out to a bar where there may be UV lighting, do not wear black as the garment will be covered in white fluff under the UV lights. Also, do not use yellow coloured Murine eye drops as that will also be lit under UV. Yellow streaks down your face is not pretty.

Hated language #1

I first noticed this word about ten years ago, but it may have been around longer. Orientate, orientated, disorientated. There may be a correct usage for this word but I have yet to come across a sentence where orient, oriented, disoriented would not do the job more neater and betterer.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Weekend update

All went as planned until today, Sunday. The highrise apartment building at Southbank was disappointing and we think poor value for money compared to our place. This makes us feel very happy, so it was a worthwhile exercise.

Our tram trip on the new docklands extension did not happen because there was some bike race occupying the tram tracks, so we had to walk another kilometre. Going around and around in a circle on a bicycle looked interesting, no. Guys in lycra bike gear looked interesting, yes.

Our planned return was not by ferry as it was full and we did not wish to stand in the sun for half an hour to ensure we caught the next one. While I wasn't expecting it to be the Manly ferry, I did think it might have seated more than about 15 people. Bonus, the older couple who pushed in front of us could not fit on either.

So tram back into town and coffee (yes, you heard right) at the Transport Bar. Very nice sitting on the terrace.

Quite a variety of trams though. W class City Circle, then A class to Docklands, B class to city, Combino (D class) down Swanston St, the Z class home. Most comfortable, B class, the older articulated trams.

In all, a very pleasant afternoon.