Friday, January 07, 2005

My person of the year, 2004

I would have nominated him five years ago if I was blogging then, but I cannot go past Nelson Mandela.

His dignity, restraint and honesty is a good example to us all. His son has just died of Aids. How much can be put on one person to bear? He has refrained for speaking the obvious about his ex wife.

I will cynically add, lucky he was locked up for so long and did not have a chance to blot his copybook.

Unsung proffesions of the year, parking officers and real estate agents. They are both hated, but one of them does an honourable job. Book 'em Danno. They deserve it.

Gotta see this

There is a bit of kid in us all and I find this endlessly amusing. As kids, my brother and myself would running around saying 'bum', laughing our heads off because we thought it was such a rude word.

Here is my present day equivalent. There is movie out at the moment called 'Meet the Fockers'. Surely a title you need to be careful with. Normally I would not see a movie like this but here is why I want to see it.

The mother's character name is Martha.

If there is more of this sort of word play, I really want to see it.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Weekend shaping up nicely

Bestest pizza on Friday night from the local. Clean partners mag wheels with strong chemicals on Saturday, then dinner at the Balaclava Hotel with St Kilda's almost 80 year old Dame McKenzie and friends on Saturday night. Sunday, view the latest Central Equity property at Southbank, followed by a ferry ride on the Yarra from Fed Square to Docklands, lunch and a ride back on Melbourne's newest tram route.

Thai racial stereotyping

Cheating money grabbing Thais. And Filipinos. I am not sure about Filipinos. I will leave that for others to judge.

You can't go to Thailand without feeling you are being cheated at every turn, ripped off, with a smile sometimes, Thai just think about themselves and money.

Well, not the Thai people I know, but they are very Australian, so that's different.

Well, my faith in Thais is restored for three reasons.

One is a personal connection, so no names, but how one Aussie person with a Thai b/f who stopped dead short the family rip off of a 'farang' by his family, simple by saying he no longer saw his 'farang' friend.

The second is what I read in The Age, online. A barefoot European female victim of the Tsunami was wandering disoriented (for young people, disorientated) along the street with her young daughter and a Thai woman stopped her and insisted she take her shoes for her feet. The Thai woman then made the Euro woman wait while she went to the local shop and returned with some shoes for her daughter.

Third, an aquaintance, who was the manager of a small Thai island resort, was washed out to sea, washed back in again and washed back out again. He had to swim back in, well actually pick his way through the debris over a period of three hours, said that within a couple of hours of the big waves, very poor local Thai people have arrived with practical house hold goods, clothes, blankets and shelter for for not just the local Thai people, but 'farang' too.

Your natural Thai bloke (that is a sex inclusive term) is pretty good at heart, just like most Aussie blokes, what ever colour we happen to be at the moment.

Victim of society (or f'ing thief)

Stereotypes are just that. But there is often a basis in them. You could pick the dude as a thief from one hundred paces. He was busy snipping away with bolt cutters at a bicycle lock outside the city baths. Obviously enough, it was holding a bicycle. Some heavy solid European guy challenged him and boy could this thief run. He ran across Victoria St, dodging cars, along Vic St and up a side street. He was fast. He should do something useful in life like enter sprinting comps. Before he bolted, he did toss the bolt cutter at the bloke who challenged him. Fortunately it missed and the guy was puzzled as to what to do next. He entered the city baths but came straight back out. Maybe it was his bike, but I suspect not. He just stood there looking perplexed and wondering what to do. I am sure he thought of calling the police, but quickly discounted it.

I think eight years jail is a reasonable punishment for a bicycle thief. Even for the worst naughty young man……..’Mate, just grab any bike.’ ‘Nah, dude, eight years is too long’.

Minimum ten years for assault on someone you did not know. That guy I saw who shoved an elbow hard into a Japanese tourist woman’s face, grabbed her bag and took off down Swanston St. He should get ten years locked up for sure.

While I was driving in the left lane in the Queen’s Way St Kilda Junction underpass today, that guy in the big van that passed me in the emergency lane at around 90kph, he should have his licence taken away. It was so pointless anyway. He crossed three lanes of traffic by the time he reached Lorne St, but then I was parked one car back from him at the lights at Albert Rd.

I have travelled the path of extreme conservatism as a teen, to being a liberal caring thoughtful person in my twenties and thirties, and in my late forties, lock the m*****f****** up. The argument that putting young people in a criminal environment such as jail, makes them worse. So what! Just lock them up again. Build more prisons if necessary. Assault on a person is the worst possible crime. No forgiveness, no allowances…….well perhaps domestic situations or provocation do come into it but I am well over this scum spoiling our quite nice city. Nothing to do with race, but what about that scum that tied up and terrorised a mother/grandmother/aunt and some of her kiddie rels.

Male grooming tip #1

Fingernails not as pristine underneath as you would like? You can paint them, but it is very obvious on a bloke. Try this. Sit in a spa and point your fingers against a strong water jet. Rotate your hand a bit to get in the corners. For the sake of other users, hope the filtration system is good.

This could be fun, wait for more.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A bit lighter

My blog has been getting a bit heavy of late. Lighten up, back to nature.

I was at the Camberwell tram terminus recently and it must have been a holdiday or something, as for once the roar of the traffic wasn't so bad. I could hear noises from the eucaplypt tree adjacent to where I was standing. Ah, possums, making hot passionate love I surmised, well rooting if you like. Not like I remember the noises, but what else could it be? Perhaps Camberwell possums have more wefined grunts and squeaks.

I listened harder and stared into the blackness. Finally I could see they were bats hanging from the tree.

One or two bats are lovely, en masse like the were in the Botanic Gardens, they are not. It took a while but it looks like it has been a successful move.

Self satisfied prat

This post is inspired by Chris and AFE. Thanks for your words.

I am not actually self satisfied. I dream, I hurt, I care and I hate. I am more fortunate than most people in the world, but not necessarily happier. I know this from the media, the news and current affairs bits. Otherwise, from the media, I would think I am very poorly off.

Where am I going with this? Well, I am sure it does not apply to most, well I hope it doesn’t, but life seems incredibly difficult for young people. Maybe it is just a different time. Things were hard for me too as a kid. Parental marriage break up when I was a teen. I struggled with my sexuality until I was at least 13. Ending up in dead end job when I know had I applied myself when I was younger, I could have done much better. But that is very personal stuff, unlike what I see today for young people.

If I thought hard, I could write a long list of why it is harder, but I can’t be bothered. Sensitive mature readers will understand what I mean. Perhaps it is just a generational thing and I worry needlessly.

While it would affect me badly, my new year wish perhaps is a collapse in the property market. NO, changed my mind. Constant prices for the next 10 years and Australia might recover from the disease called materialism and all that goes with it that so strongly affects and influences us all, but most of all young people.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami appeal

Big telephone boss of Thailand with always a crisp pressed shirt and meek and mild Indian PM said they don't want our money anymore to relieve the victims of the tsnami. Thailand would like some long term assistance in kind though. Probably a good idea.

Indonesian minor minister says it will take billions to rebuid infrastructure and that is what they need. Hello? What f****ing infrastructure? In Ache? Where the muslim soldiers run around with heads of christians on sticks? Well perhaps they had a central drain to take the waste away into the sea.

Three days off

It is not often that I have three days off work in a row, but I did this weekend. I knew in advance that by the third day, I would be wanting to be away from the city.

Without the complex details, partner and two friends went for a long drive. We drove to Geelong and had coffee and cake at my sister and her partner's house. We then drove to Queenscliff, intending to have lunch, but we were a bit overloaded on morning tea, so decided to delay lunch. It was a 12.45 so we thought we would travel with the car on the ferry across to Sorrento. The traffic on the road to ferry was stationary and the boat pulled out at 1.10. We reached the pay point at 1.15, so had to wait until after 2.00 before the next boat left. But it was ok. We decided to get some food from the caf there, as we would be very late arriving in Sorrento.

Just as well, Sorrento was packed with people and the traffic barely moving. We patiently got through Sorrento to the back beach where we had lovely cake and coffee and some nice views of tanned, muscular, healthy young men. I explained to friends how a horse drawn and then later a steam tram used to travel to the beach and along the cliffside from Sorrento. They were fascinated, not.

It was a nice day out even if a bit too much sitting in the car. Note to self, less is more. Don't cover so much distance next time.