Friday, December 02, 2005

Sad assed cry baby

While I know perfectly well that I am a victim of an extremely successful media/public image management operation/campaign, I cried three times today. I can't remember ever shedding a tear for a road accident victim. While I would happily see someone who parked in a disabled parking space, when they weren't entitiled to, slowly and painfully tortured to death, Van Nguyen did not deserve to die and certainly not by such a barbaric method.

At St Ignatious in uphill Richmond at 9 am, the time of his death, the bells tolled. The mournful sound of single church bells gets me every time.

Later in the day I was silly enough to watch an online interview of his mother. At the end of the interview she broke down completly. It was horrible.

When watching commercial tv news tonight, my eyes only filled with tears.

And what is his stupid mother like? Bolting from Vietnam to the Lucky Country so that her children have an opportunity in life. You really did screw up badly there hun. Better you stayed where you were.

Fortunately of I am of resiliant stock and I will have forgotten about it all by tomorrow.

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