Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life kicks back in

I had worked so long without a day off, I needed to do a mega shop. Rain threatening, too much to carry, too much for the shopping jeep. Take the car. I filled the car with stuff from Prahran Market, stuff from the supermarket, stuff from Dans. Two large shopping jeeps of stuff from the car to the apartment. That was just Friday morning. Afternoon was cleaning the place, with the mind of the o/s guests arriving at the end of the week. The unmet sister in law could be a seriously fastidious person. Need to have the place looking top notch.

Then we had dyke visitors who at least were happy with take away pizza for dinner, but of course we had to provide the nibbles before hand. I had forgotten about pate, but I bought some and yum yum. Then ex NT policeman called in who brought a friend who had a couple of days ago been looking at Q!, the tallest residential building in the world on the Gold Coast. Co-incidently, one of the dyke friends parents have just bought an apartment there.

It was a good night.

Saturday was better, a walk through Fawkner Park to do even more shopping in Prahran. Among other things, we needed to buy a clock radio for the spare bedroom for the o/s rels. R had session at the electric beach and a hair cut for $15 in Prahran Central.

Let's stay home alone tonight hey. We agreed but then later R said he mght like to go out. So we bashed off to Victoria Street and met our oldest oldest friends for an early meal at Tran Tran.

One of them said, I suppose since we are not been invited back for coffee, we will be on our way. Oops. So we invited them. Then sis in law called from Casino. She had taken my most gorgeous niece to Harry Potter movie. Can they call in for coffeee? Of course. As we were seeing friends off, they arrived.

They stayed a wee while, then left but we expecting the surgeon girl friend of my sister to call soon after her christmas party to stay the night. I hope one of us wakes up. She should have called in earlier to get the dudad and key.

Please no visitors tomorrow.

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