Saturday, December 17, 2005

Highriser biffo

I really am too nice at times. It was just a short ride home in a cab from Dame Ms with R and the o/s rels. $9.50........keep the change. Someone wanted to get in the cab as we got out and he was not a local person. He grabbed the taxi door and yelled at the driver that he had money and would pay. If I was a taxi driver, I would not have taken him anywhere and this taxi driver was saying no. While I hate the way most taxi drivers drive, I know their's, to put it plainly, a sh** job. I feel sorry for them for what they have to put up with. I tried to be nice to the driver and shut the door. The lout took exception to this and told me in no uncertain terms to let go of the door. Full of confidence as they were three of us and the building's guard was nearby, I slammed the door and the cab took off. The lout started to say something else and I was ready to run. R grabbed him by the scruff of shirt and told him to 'just f*** off'. My hero.

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  1. Great work R, I love it when the thugs of our world don't get their way!