Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Harping on about the riots

Perhaps you think I am harping on a bit about this but I don't want a divided Australia, no go areas or racially based ghettos.

Some of these comments in this person's below blog are just a retelling of their experiences and I really did not know it was quite so bad in Crass City. If you want to understand the problem a bit, have a quick skim of them.

I thought of this post today yesterday when home for lunch and then as I was going back to work I thought about any Lebanese I may know. I think I only have one Lebanese workmate now. He is always ok with me, but I have seen him lose his temper. Not nice. But I have seen that in many races including fourth generation Aussies.

Then I recalled the only time that I have experienced overt homophobia at work. To be fair, the disagreement was about something else, but me being gay was the weapon he used against me for quite some period. Never mind that another male workmate was shagging his male cousin. But it was nothing I could not cope/deal with myself and eventually he resigned. Yes, you can guess his origins, Lebanese. Then there was his older brother and while never personally unpleasant to me, I heard plenty of 'poofter' stuff............jokes and thinking more carefully about it, their attitude to women was appalling.

I can only base my view on what I read, hear and my personal experience, exactly the same as you will probably. Too many imigrants into Australia of one race in a short period can be very problematic. Perhaps not immediately but even in twenty years time. Or sad to say, is it that they just don't fit in?

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