Monday, December 12, 2005

Coming soon near you

It is said that because of Melbourne's layout and demographics, race riots will not break out here. That may well be true.

From what I can understand of the rioting in Crounulla, NSW, and with a little help from my Lebo loving friend who lives in Sydney, it is the tolerance of anti social behaviour that has brought this trouble on. It does not matter whether they are Lebanese or whoever, anti social behaviour on the beach where others feel disenfranchised, intimidated or afraid ought not be tolerated by society and especially by police who stand for law and order. If anyone is to blame, blame the police who allowed this situation to develop. I expect police would argue, lack of person power. Maybe true. There is nothing like visible patrolling to make people behave.

So I would not feel too smug about it all happening in Sydney. It could happen here with different circumstances and groups.

Now sit back and watch the fun. More newspapers sold, higher tv ratings, politicians maximizing political advantage, police defensive and spin doctoring hard, apologists from both camps, expert advice from the socially aware workers.

Bugger, I have now forgotten what I was going to make a post about now. Was it work place relations? Student Union? Sedition legislation? There must be some happy pollies who will have a very relaxed christmas.

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  1. Melbournians are so judgemental and blind in their criticicm of other cities... You're right, that could happen anywhere, not just Sydney.