Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Casino, they would like you to call it Crown

A friend had a friend visiting from the Gold Coast, so he asked if we would like to eat at the Casino on Monday night. Sure, no problem. Apart from a little tram drama, we arrived almost on time. Not a bad meal at Kings if 'all you can eat' is your thing.

At the eastern end where the entrance to the hotel is, we saw some very nice carol singing and also a pretty good animated christmas show. The exterior water works that the kids run through, seems to have been upgraded and it is entrancing to just sit and watch. The water droplets were golden in the dying sun and it was a hoot when a gust of wind arrived and sprayed water over the spectators.

While I have certain views of the people who frequent the place, it is great that they subsidise these amsusements. So do take advantage of it, with or without your kiddies.

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