Sunday, November 20, 2005

Unhappy Snap

Those of you who know me reasonably well, if not personally, will probably know why I may spent quite a lot of time at the corner of Orrong and Dandenong Roads tonight.

It was a joyous time to see so so much revenue raised for the State of Victoria that will be spent on the general good.

Flash, flash went the camera and in poured the money.

Speed cameras on the West Gate Bridge have raised far more money than the tolls ever did and this combined speed/red light camera at Orrong Road in Dandenong Road isn't do a bad job of fundraising.

The best was three snaps in one set of green lights. Two speed and one red light. If I had to estimate speed, then the majority would have not been going very much over the limit, in fact I would have guessed they were not. The camera did snap three that I saw that were going really fast and fully deserved their fine and perhaps more. The red light snaps were very tolerant. If you see the light turn red, then don't go through the intersection.

I am still open to arguments about speed cameras, but from what I observed tonight, I am not about red light cameras.

Anyway, thanks to you who tonight who contributed a few thousand dollars to the state coffers at one location.


  1. Goddam you. You are really beginning to piss me off, good sir.

    I have a draft post ready to go on this exact topic, except mine is more ranty and angsty.

    I'm beginning to think you're stealing my post ideas :P

  2. Draft indeed. I don't mind if you wish to copy my ideas. Just add, inspired by etc and a link to my post.


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