Friday, November 25, 2005

Truly Horrible

While quickly flicking through the Sydney Morning Herald today, I read about a cop who committed sucicide, the fourth this year in NSW. Whether it is realted or not, he worked in the child protection area.

I saw something so terrible today, my mind had already blanked it, until I read the above story. Actually, I am not sure what I saw. What I think I saw was a modern silver car, I think a Mercedes, pull over to the side of the road. An agitated male reached into the back of the car and started punching something, three hard punches and whatever he punched crumpled. Then I noticed a child in the back of the car. I did not look away, I stared, he stared back at me through his dark glasses and contined to obviously speak very loudly. I refocused on the back seat and the kid is looking at me, looking at his father. The kid did not seem unduly distressed.

That is my interpretation of what I saw, but I am not sure at all. I suppose I should have taken the number of the car and the location and thought about it. It is one thing to see some scrubber or smack head hit a kid. You know what has to be done and I have done it in the past, but this was different. If only the kid looked distressed, I would have been convinced and acted.

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