Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Simple Life

While I have great memories of times past when we would hit 'the scene', clubbing. venues, night life, it is not for us now. Although I felt slightly dazed today because I worked very late last night, it was a very nice simple Sunday. R had a good night's sleep and was rareing to go at 10, nah I said, I need some more time. So he watched something about Parsley, Rosemary and Tyme that he had taped. I am thinking of composing a song along the lines of those words.

I chilled and got my act together slowly. We bashed off to wash R's car in downtown Ashwood, and then went on to Megamart, only to find it closed, but with lots of Harvey Norman signage. We et a sausage with onions and sauce in a roll. We bought a nice coulorful plant for the balcony and some potting mix at the K Mart Nursery and had a cup of very ordinary coffee. We bought some nice sheets of paper for our annual christmas newsletter from a large office supply company. We ran into one of my workmates and had a nice chat.

We potted some plants, I rode off on the Apollo to Clarendon Street Coles, which I detest, but it is easy to get to on a bike. While I have no idea why, some 10 year old kid on a bike, without a helmet, stalked me through the back streets of South Melbourne. Go away kid. I don't even want to think about what you think you are up to.

Not that anyone would want to steal the Apollo, I thought I securely locked it up outside Coles. I go in and had to dodge another kid on a bike who just rode into the supermarket. sans helmet too. I bought the one required ingredient and came out to find that I had not looped the cable through anything, except the bike. I was so sure I had locked it to the trolley rack, but it would seem not.

R was astonished how quickly I was home. Bikes are pretty good hey. Most of the time was spent waiting to get across Kingsway.

Sms arrives, great that you can join us at the Dick Wittington (insert hyperlink) for dinner. I never sent an sms that we were going there.Via a convoluted way, our acceptance to a casual mention had been noted.

The Dick was ok, but it will probably be a while before we return.


  1. What did you have for dinner at the Dick?

    They had a sign up proclaiming they offered the "Worlds Best Parma". I never had the opportunity to trial it.

  2. Food was ok. I just had a greek salad and chips. It has all been remodelled recently.


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