Friday, November 18, 2005

The o/s rels are getting closer

Only a bit over two weeks and the o/s rels are arriving. Plan to take them to Sydney for a few days in early January. I spent many hours on the net this week looking at flights and accommodation when I could have been looking at guys getting a load of cum sprayed over their faces, chatting to hot studs in Rio or even out riding my bike (oops, or making a christmas cake, damn, forgot again this year, but not too late).

Then one of them sprung on us that they want to get married while they are here and it is to be a surprise for the other. We have discovered this is impossible as they need there divorce certificates. You cannot do surprise marriage from o/s in Oz.

R thought maybe at Phillip Island, but thinking that through, too busy in January and too difficult just before christmas and when I am working, because of shift work, it is always difficult.

Then I had a brainwave. Why not do it in Sydney? Bondi Beach maybe? Nah, said the celebrant, too windy often and too many people. Botanic Gardens? Under the bridge? All would be great photo ops for o/s tourists. Celebrant knew just the right place, Botanic Garderns, views of both the bridge and Opera House, pavillion nearby in case it rains. There will just be the four of us, plus the celebrant. It should be great fun and romantic too. I am really looking forward to it and I do love going to Sydney.

Of course you can expect many blog posts from me while they are staying here, as with them hovering all the time, I won't be looking at movies of two guys can that possibly fit there?

'You write a lot on the pc Andrew?' 'Yeah, letters to Mum'.

The words of the wise Dame M ring in my ears constantly. Fish and visitors go off after four days.

This is becoming terribly rambly. I know the o/s visitors like a drink. Today I heard English woman consume more alcohol that those of any other country. 220 litres per year. I am not game to calculate per week. I will take refuge in my ensuited bedroom with my books, wireless and earplugs.

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