Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh dear, did I write that

There are some bloggers who are very careful about what they write and what they publish. There are others who are perhaps a bit more emotional in their posts.

I expect we all have posts that we think could have been done better, or not done at all. I stand by all of mine I think, bar one. Comments to other peoples blogs are another matter and perhaps I regret a few of those.

I will readily confess to the one of mine, perhaps the only one, I really regret. I did not pull it as it is a good reminder to me of how public a blog really is. While you have your select readers, search engines need to be taken into account too. The post was about Paul Hester, a local muscian who suicided. What I wrote was tasteless, tactless and ignorant. I have since learned quite a bit about said Paul Hester and it seems he was an admirable bloke. In fact he is to be publically honoured by having a lane/street? named after him.

While I am very unsure about this tagging thing, can I ask my bloggers that I link to on my site to on my blog to mention if they have one that they regret? Spatula exempted, as you pulled one of yours and Random Concoction as he on notice from blogger, but mention one if you like fellas. So Toxic Custard, Hecho En Mexico and Semaphore Junction, do you have any?

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  1. As it would turn out, I'm not on notice, and fixed that issue up quickly. However, I did pull my post about 'Jews in the Balaclava supermarket on a Saturday night' as it was potentially dodgy. As for the 'fat chicks' post... I stand by that one.


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