Thursday, November 17, 2005

Marvellous, with qualification

I listened to the soccer last night on the radio. It was very exciting and Australia won and can now compete in the World Cup.

ABC Local Radio was the broadcaster and I have never listened to soccer on the radio before and I will avoid it in the future. It was awful, although maybe it is always like that. Screaming and biased commentators trying to be humorous was not what I was expecting.

Later, if what I saw last night was what will happen in Australia when we do well at soccer, then I hope we are wiped out early. Flinders and Swanston Street corner had to be closed as a crowd from Federation Square spread across the road. For a couple of hours trams and cars could not pass. In the couple of minutes I was there, I saw one policeman sitting on someone, someone punching someone and someone running who went for a massive trip and flew through the air and landed on the tram tracks head first and did not get straight up. It was quite frightening and seems to be unreported this morning.

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