Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Learning my job

I wasn't looking forward to it. Spending a day in an air conditioning office building usually ends up with me having very sore eyes. Spending the day refreshing my job role after doing the job for two and half decades is inclined to get up my goat, or is it get on my nose?

The only good things that I could see, was that it would be conducted at just a pleasant walk from home and it would be a short day.

The first part was conducted by my immediate superior who I also consider a good workmate and we have known each other for a long time. I will offer my opinion to him privately.

The next part was conducted by someone/people in my job I normally have little contact with or knowledge of and it was VERY interesting and I learnt a lot of what I should have known years ago. For those in the know, it was Carlton, which is soon moving to EROC. The day was worth it for what I learnt.

The quite hot guy who I used to work with, is now in a position of considerable controlling power, but he does his job well and hasn't fogotten his skill at how to play up to the fags. He too was interesting, although I have heard it all before at different location (GH).

The final part was Customer Service and Conflict Resolution.

I had a really bad experience at one of these lectures maybe five years ago. I was offended for myself and offending for my lifestlye, offended for my my black and yellow work collegues, and some very good staff who I worked with many years ago who happened to be punks or tranvestites or whatever. The quality of the staff had nothing to do with whatever they were or looked like and I am getting angry now remembering.

If you know me, you will know that I rarely swear. I probably swear more when writing than in real life. I save swearing for serious times. My maternal grandparents never swore, although we shrieked with laughter once when Pop said bum, and nor did/do my parents swear. I got a terrible telling off once from my mother for saying 'shit' when I was 16 years old.

Back to the point. I did have advance warning from an Asian workmate, already somoene who was offended by what was coming

'This is absolute shit', I said as I stormed out of refresher class and caught the tram home. I went to the next day, work place based, refresher and nothing was said.

Have I got you interested at all to know what was said?

I have not heard of the woman since. I think she may have moved out. Perhaps I was totally wrong about how I heard what I thought was rascism, homophobia, ageism, sexism and more.

Here is what she said and feel free to challenge me if you think I was wrong to take offence. As well as seeming offensive to me, it was also obviously seeming offensive to others, or I would not have heard about it in advance.

'We want our customers to have a good image of our staff.' (No problem with that). 'We want them to have an image of our staff as being married, living in a nice house with a white picket fence, in a quiet street in a nice suburb. Our staff will have 1.3 children who go to a nice school. We just want you to be Mr and Mrs Average, someone who seems just like a passenger. Someone they can relate to.'

My translation: Straight, married, male, kids, white, part time working wife, mid to outer burbs, Commodore. I think I did have one workmate who fitted that bill, but he was the oddball out.

It was terribly offensive to me and to most of my workmates who did not fit the bill.

The only good thing about these days is these days is that it is usually an early finish, and it was. But whether it was worth the boredom, the sore eyes and the headache I ended up with, I am not so sure.

So good fucking riddance to that previous employer by whom she was employed. They were the rats who deserted the ship that will never sink.


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    I don't know if those trainers ever caught public transport, but I don't think the average customer is married, living in a nice house, in a quiet street, in a nice suburb, and have 1.3 children who go to a nice school. Most customers wouldn't relate to their idea of the "Mr & Mrs Average" person.

    As a single person I'm offended!

  2. I did my refresher a few weeks back, under the same circumstances as you.

    Boring really, but a nice way not to do any real work.

    You were right in walking out on the previous course, too.


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