Monday, November 14, 2005

In the genes

My mother and I have something in common. We both have ethnically Chinese doctors. Even a bit more in common. Although hers is female and mine is male, they both like to do the biz with blokes.

My mother has for as long as I can recall said something, when referring to a kid's friend, along the lines of 'her/his little friend'. It did not matter what size the kid's friend was, it was still be a 'little friend'. Ma can be exasperating at times.

Her previous doctor who had an obviously Indian name needed no ethnic identification. She then had another youngish Indian born doctor, who 'put his face close to mine and looked at me with his beautiful dark eyes, and said relax Mrs C, you will be ok'. The way she said it, I expect he could have got his leg over. (ohhhhhh,, don't go there, yukky, does not happen) But for the past twelve months, she has been under 'my Chinese lady doctor'. Finally today a wall of Jericho has fallen and 'my Chinese lady doctor' has become Doctor Li, without qualification.

I too qualify my doctor though, but only by adding the honorific, the very hot Dr ...., and he is for a forty year old. Masculine, stylish, well groomed, pleasant personality, good looks. Too good to be true. Probably has a tiny penis and is lousy at sex.

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